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5 Ways to Ruin a Good Thanksgiving - When Thanksgiving Dinner Goes Downhill


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We have the Pilgrims and the Indians to thank for getting this whole mess off the ground. Let's all be thankful we have these 5 ways to ruin a good Thanksgiving tips to enjoy!

The Guest List-

There really is not a traditional American family any longer. We are all blended with stepparents, adopted children, and half siblings thrown in the mix. The guest list must be carefully balanced in hopes of a peaceful dinner. You can always hope!

If you are the guest- it would be helpful to let your host know of any extra guests you plan to bring. You might want to clear it first before inviting those hitchhikers you picked up on the freeway.

The Menu-

For the cooks and guests out there- one of the fastest ways to trash a good Thanksgiving is to hit the sauce too soon! And I don't mean the cranberry.

Take into account any food allergies your relatives may have. It might be comical to see your sister's allergic reaction to coconut but she never has appreciated your sense of humor.

When your crazy cousin Earl gets the bright idea to deep fry a turkey, make sure the bird is not still frozen. With the grease at 400 degrees, even partially frozen, the bird will explode just as if a bomb has been set off. And you know how jumpy Uncle Fred gets about loud noises since the war. It is not a pretty sight when the fire department rolls in the douse Great Aunt Rita, whose wig was just a little close to the flames.

The Seating Chart-

It is never a good idea to sit ex spouses together at the dinner table. Hide the steak knives!

The Dinner Conversation-

In many families, it is required to make it through Thanksgiving by wearing a set of earplugs. Just nod ever so often and say uh huh as you pretend to chew if you want to avoid talking to any of your relatives.

The After Dinner Entertainment-

Make sure the televisions are in a prime location where the guests can watch their sports. There is no reason to make everyone suffer today! You may need to separate fans of opposing teams!

In many families, it is tradition to play an outdoor game of football or basketball. You will have to weigh the decision carefully before encouraging such a move. Remember how competitive some family members are. You really should discourage any action that could possibly end in tears, (from your brother) bloodshed, or an ambulance called.

A sure fire way to ruin a good Thanksgiving is if the paramedics are summoned to take any of your guests to the hospital to have their stomachs pumped. Food poisoning is next to impossible to ever live down.

You might want to warn your guests about your Grandfathers phobia over thieves stealing the silver, and they should expect to be frisked on their way out the door. (Give your female friends a heads up over Grandpa's wandering eye and his frisky hands!)

Keep in mind these 5 ways to ruin a good Thanksgiving- to help survive most other dinner parties! I hate to bring it up so soon but Christmas is only weeks away!

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Thanksgiving and the Cat
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