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Are You Obamatose Or in Nirbama?


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Every year the world of current affairs and the media provides fertile ground for the further development of the English language. Often it is the journalists or politicians themselves who conjure up new words or additions to the English language to better explain the concepts that they are trying to get across to us, the general public.

Where journalists and politicians fail, comedians fill the gap by mocking said politicians and providing us with a much more accurate and humourous presentation of current affairs. Of course, since genius come from the gutter (to quote Boy George), much slang or innovation to the English or any other language comes from young people.

This article will have a look at some of the recent and more comical additions to the English language (neologisms for the purists).

  1. Chronocide (chronocidal): a way of describing any wasteful means of spending time.
  2. Digicandy: electronic gadgets that are unnecessary and therefore purely self-indulgent.
  3. GBH-ing: coined from the sport BMX-ing, this new term describes a thrilling combination of aerial cycling acrobatics and extreme fighting.
  4. Goaldiggers: Young girls who fall at the feet of famous football players in hotels around the world.
  5. Googlicious: Something that is highly prized or sought after i. e. at the top of Google result listings.
  6. Groovimonious: pleasant and agreeable in every manner possible.
  7. Heirhead: The term used to describe heirs and heiresses to vast fortunes who currently live in a constant party circuit (Here I’m mostly thinking of Paris Hilton).
  8. Linguaplasty: The act of making language more beautiful.
  9. Multifacelifted: Think of the way Michael Jackson looks after his numerous operations…
  10. Nirbama: The state of inner peace brought on by an Obama presidency (and consequently no more Bushes or Clintons).
  11. Obamatose: In deep slumber, dreaming of an Obama presidency
  12. Rackology: The study of breasts.
  13. Schmuckometer: A device used to determine how much of a ‘you know what’ someone is.
  14. Ubiquitinpotaqueous (my personal favorite): The state of affairs where there is water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.
  15. Web-emy: Google looked like it was going to become web-emy number one with its anti-privacy policies.

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Are You Obamatose Or in Nirbama?
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