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What Do You Get For Being Very Successful At Failing?


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To be a really good failure takes commitment, dedication and the grit to overcome minor successes to get to that really BIG disaster.

I used to think that luck had something to do with it. But then I realized that luck kinda works some days and not other days. In my case, luck must have got stuck on OFF.

It's more like when I was born, my Mom must have been shifting between two parallel universes, and I fell in the crack between them. Successes happen in the universes on either side of me, and I get this vague sense that success is possible, but not in this life, baby.

Failure can be quite a blast. I mean, it's a sure thing. You don't have to lie awake at night thinking about whether you're going to get it right in the morning. You can sleep peacefully, knowing that you'll fail with distinction anyway. Worrying won't change a thing, so why worry?

If you worry you die. If you don't worry, you also die. So why worry!

I was thinking about giving courses in how to fail properly. But if I did that, some guy is sure to do my course and then suddenly get richer than Bill Gates, selling failure courses most likely. It's kinda weird; if you fail properly you've actually succeeded at failing. So you're a failure at failing. . . This conversation is going nowhere. It's a failure!

It's like the guy who won a medal for being the most humble guy in the town. As soon as he put the medal on, they took it away from him.

You can't fail properly. If you did you would have succeeded in doing so.

So cheer up guys. It's impossible to fail!

Bruce McGyver

Come to my site for a free failure course.
In fact, you'll even fail to find it!
But there's some other stuff you might like. (Yeah, right!)

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