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How to Get A Telemarketer to Hang Up On You


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With all of the telemarketing calls that you get in an average week, you might be getting sick of always hanging up on people. Instead, it's time to do your part and get the telemarketer to hang up on you. This isn't always an easy task, because telemarketers can be quite determined.

However, with the right plan, preparedness, and a good old fashioned stubborn nature, you're certain to get the job done.

Your first step is to find a few potential things to say that aren't rude or vulgar, but that will simply be so irritating to the telemarketer that he or she will be unable to stand the call any more and will risk being reprimanded in his or her job by hanging up on you. A few prospective strategies that have been very successful in the past include:

  • Repeating “I just knew you'd say that!" after everything the telemarketer says.

  • Very politely tell the telemarketer that you are hard of hearing, and see how loud the telemarketer will be willing to shout into the phone until they finally give up.

  • After every few moments, innocently say “you'll need to bear with me. I have a bit of short-term memory loss condition. Who is this again?"

    Once you start to feel confident with your strategies, you will be able to move onto the more complex scripts. You may wish to keep a text of your plan by the phone so that you'll get it right every time.

    The following are for the truly accomplished:

  • Wait until the telemarketer has gone through the entire offer. Once he or she has completed the piece, explain that his or her company (be sure to have noted the name of the company so that you can use it here) has hired you to check the performance of the telemarketers. Carefully explain that overall, he or she did a very good job, though she or his tends to become a bit more monotone as the call progresses and that you recommend fluctuating the tone of voice in order to become more convincing. You should also recommend longer pauses between sentences and more care in pronouncing the letter “S". Tell him or her that you won't make a report if he or she is willing to repeat the speech until it is done correctly.

  • Part of the way through the sales pitch, compliment the telemarketer on his or her lovely voice. Explain that you are a professional voice over scout and you may have the perfect commercial job for him or her. Ask if he or she would mind doing a quick test. Request that they say in a soothing voice “use caution when engaging in activities requiring complete alertness until you know how you will react to this medication. In rare cases, swelling of the tongue or shortness of breath may result. Results may vary. "

    Unless your caller is a glutton for punishment, these tricks will usually stop telemarketers in their path.

    Dwayne is an old consumer advocate who has way to much time on his hands (the wife says) so rants to his audience on EzineArticles

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