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10 Things Women Hate To Hear In Bed

Carl Megill

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With the tremendous popularity of “10 Things Guys Hate To Hear In Bed", I felt it only fair that the ladies get a chance to have their say. After all, there just may be a chance that guys might say things that could be considered, well, inconsiderate. Once again, if you are looking for a bunch of mindless, *** references, keep reading. You might get lucky. So without further adieu, here's what's on a guy's mind just before you're getting ready to nod off.

1. We have to talk. (Actually, guys rarely say this, but when they do, it's never good news. )

2. You know what would really look good on you?

3. I did the laundry today and gave your clothes to Debbie for her Barbie doll.

4. Sorry. Guess I should have stayed away from the beef and bean burritos.

5. For your birthday, I got you tickets to the Monster Truck Rally. How cool is that?

6. I've been thinking. (See #1. )

7. Good news. My mom has volunteered to help you out around here.

8. I may have had too much to drink with the guys tonight, so watch your step when you go to the bathroom.

9. There's a transmission in the kitchen sink.

10. Move your head, I can't see Lettermen.

Apparently, #10 has a unisex appeal. (See “10 Things A Guy Hates To Hear In Bed. ")

So, there you have it, a no holds barred list that, hopefully, make men realize that they are capable of being inconsiderate slugs. Of course, the list could go on and on forever, but I think you get the gist. Sleep well. Megill.19266


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