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It was a beautiful summer day, so the man decided he would take a leisurely walk into town. As he walked along the road appreciating the scenery, he felt like there was going to be something particularly good happening for him on this morning. Sure enough, a few steps later, he saw a $10 bill in the grass, so he went over and picked it up. A little further down the road, he saw a $20 bill, so he gathered that up as well. Just as he was thinking how fortunate he was to have decided to walk into town, he came upon three $100 dollar bills on the ground in plain sight.

“Wow!" he thought, “This is indeed my lucky day!"

As the man continued his walk into town, he started thinking about some of the great things he could do with the money he had found, and he pondered on how interesting it was that one person’s loss could turn out to be another person’s treasure.

As he entered the town square, he decided that he would spend a little of his money on a nice lunch, so he headed for a quaint little restaurant he had been to a number of times. The man started thinking what he would order from the menu when his thoughts were interrupted by a bedraggled stranger who suddenly appeared from an alley.

“Uh, ’scuze me, Mister. You got any spare change I can have?" asked the stranger.

The man looked over this fellow, whose clothes were dirty, and there was a distinct unpleasant odor emanating from his unwashed body. As the stranger stood there waiting for a response, he held out a filthy hand, huffing his breath through his decayed looking teeth. The man thought to himself about his trip into town, and how odd it was that he should run into this person at this very moment. He looked at the stranger’s hand extended toward him, then made a decision.

“Yes, " the man replied, “I think I do have some spare change for you. "

With that response, he slapped the stranger’s dirty hand, and changed him into a frog.

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