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A Pirates Life


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Well, I am no jack sparrow but welcome into my day to day life with pleasure! I am glad you are interesting to begin with, considering not many are interested in knowing the real pirate's life. So what did pirates wear?

Tricorn hat, long civilian style coat, knee breaches, a pistol and buckled shoes describes me best! Did I mention that I am the captain so I get to keep one full share and a half in all shares from our loots? You must have seen me on wanted pictures with the red feather in my cap and my waist length gold chain and diamond cross! I love my life!

The little loft right above my cabin is where I keep my boots, everything from buckle topped shoes to mid thigh boots. Now you would say why my picture shows me bare feet. . . . that's for a better grip on deck! The sash? Sparrow made these practically a part of a pirate's attire. . . but it's just impossible to face the high winds on sea with a big sash around your head or waist. Being the man of this ship, all my leggings are solid colors: black, tan, brown. . . err. . . the red-striped ones are only for Halloween. Don't you just wish you could partake from my amazing eye-patch collection?

Oh, yes, did I mention all the tattoos I have on me? Every time we win a battle I get the name of the sunken battleship tattooed on me, pirate pride it is. A number of people on land ask me how I keep my long tresses so tangle free, well, to tell you the truth I have very little hair left on my head now that I am not young anymore. The secret behind my beautiful hair are these lovely wigs. Black, tan, brown, I even have a blonde one which I wear every time we touch shore. And if I were Sparrow my beard would be beaded with colorful stones; since I am not I simply braid it into hundreds of knots, make the women swoon for you!

Even the women on my ship have set attires: a ragged-edged skirt or cropped pants, peasant-style blouse, a corset, bandana for the head, boots, hoop earrings and a pistol. But laws on my ship are very strict about meddling with a woman without her consent; you shall suffer death. Most of our clothing and jewelry is from the ships we have raided. As long as you don't break the code of conduct, you get to keep one share and a quarter of the booty. If any hand on board tries to run away or keep a secret, we maroon him with one bottle of powder, one bottle of water, one small arm and a shot. Stealing from the ship or loot always invites marooning or being shot; unless he/she is a skillful fighter.

My ship fills terror in the hearts of all captains at sea; the “jolly Rogers" or the black flag with the sign of death and destruction makes them abandon or give- up instantaneously. Did you know that we keep the sign of crossbones and skull in our logbooks for the death of sailors, that's how it got onto those flags; and when I really mean business on sea, the hands change the flag into a red one for absolute terror!

I see a ship loaded with clothes from Paris, looks like Jean Gaultier; never can resist designer clothes. Gotta go, Amigo!

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The Iranian Navy vs Somali pirates
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