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What's the Difference Between Africans and Black Americans?


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The Africans are those people who belong to Africa. These people are native Africans whose father and mother belong to Africa. These people are African citizens who may or may not work in other foreign countries. They have their origin in Africa and they are born to African people. The African people will be generally less exposed to western culture and they are suffering more from any other race. Though it is said that racism no longer exists, Africans are still humiliated by other white races.

Black Americans are those people who have African people as their ancestors. These black Americans are born to African from America. One drop rule is followed to call somebody as a black American. If any of the ancestors has black blood then the successors are called black Americans. The point here is that these black Americans may have never been to Africa and they don't hold African citizenship. In the past, African people were brought as slaves to America to work for the white people. People who are born to these slaves settled down in America and they gave birth to black Americans. In the modern days, many Africans who move to America settle down in that country because of the opportunities available in the country.

Africa is still an underdeveloped country because of the lack of proper political condition. Most parts of Africa have become a slum and many people are illiterates. The politicians of Africa who took care of the various African countries failed to bring about a revolution among their men. Africa is a country full of resources but the politicians have misused the people. Many African people have become victims of HIV and this has made their condition much worse. This disease is wide spread in the country and many people are suffering from drought in the country. Colonization of the past has led to dry lands that are unsuitable for farming.

The status of black Americans are improving rapidly. About 47% of such population in America owns a home. Black Americans are called African Americans and they are well educated also. Just like Native Americans, these people also work in the service industry. Economically, black Americas are almost equal to the white Americans. While the difference in salary is high in lower levels, educated black Americans are equal to the white Americans. Many black Americans are widely popular in America and Oprah Winfrey is a classic example of such a race. Even though black Americans earn well, political powers lie in the hands of white Americans and a popular political leader is Barack Obama.

While Africans are suffering a lot in their home country, black Americans are living comfortably in America. New voices are in the buzz encouraging African people to return to Africa. These people can set up African American villages in Africa to improve the life of African people. African people are considered as aggressive people and this attitude has made Africans to behave aggressively. The political condition has to improve in Africa so that the African people can start living in a great nation. is for African people and African women , it is has every thing what the African people would like to have. African women this site is a complete hang out spot not just for the African people but for those who would like to know all about Africa, its wonderful African people, their African music, African women, culture and much more.


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