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Antique Science Books Improve Our Lives - Now Global Warming Brings Many Foods Closer To Us


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From antique science history we are learning again the wisdom of the One Hundred Mile Rule: if a natural food product is grown within this range from you, and to your plate, the healthier you. And we agree. And yet you and we know there are exceptions to every rule found today and show up, when we read and observe, in our new or antique books. And we delight in this example from history books between Ben and Frank. Because, these two friends had a strong honest interest in the historical merit. They were also up to making, as well as reading, history.

Dr. Franklin and Sir Francis created shorter religious books that would now be considered very rare religious books, as the few copies did not catch on in Britain then. People sat chilled in unheated churches and repeated long chants in Latin. That is Dr. Benjamin Franklin, if you have not been introduced, and his dear friend, soul mate, my ancestor, co author of antique books and rare religious books on their revised biblical scripts and adaptations to the Franklin stove. His superior officer in London in 1760 was Sir Francis Dashwood, Post Master General of the British Empire.

At their first interview, Sir Francis promoted Dr. Franklin to now be Post Master General of North America. They were soon fast friends. With the 1759 British taking of Canada, the first, and only Post Master of North America Benjamin Franklin reported to his English Superior Officer Frank: they hit it off immediately, and Ben spent many happy months at West Wycombe Estate over the years, including a brief stay in the Tower in 1776. But that is another story. Then it was there; they found their mutual enjoyment of oatmeal, how energizing it was, and Dr. Franklin discreetly mentioned that these prize Scottish oats did not yet grow in America.

So today Antique science books, tell us that Sir Francis and Dr. Franklin soon were out in the barn, and on his return to America Dr Franklin was in receipt of 2-3 sacks of prize Scottish oats. Which is why you see wonderful Dr. Franklin on the cover of a certain oat product. Sir Francis, really, should be smiling next to Ben, handing him the sacks. Antique books mention this. Now, we see examples such as the Neem tree, an organic herbal remedy and natural pest repellent, is now proving itself as a curative and health restorative, under western microscopes, now accepted. And our point is, that the more we can find and bring over to us healthful or food bearing plants, let us get on with it, as we have done since time immemorial. Bread fruit never caught on as the next salvation as a food supply. But we keep searching, and have learned much since then.

But in this globally changing world, we have seen how China has been able to urge ever northward tender foods such as the Changsha Mandarin orange, which now grows amidst frost in Manchuria, over thousands of years of encouraging, as with us all, the more hardy versions to continue to tip toe north.

So, we do know that warmer foods are being grown further north than in recorded memory. And, if we can keep the sea from rising above our hip waders while we adapt, many new curatives are now available to us, and we should be encouraging clean clear import of such foods and curatives. To adapt that impossible song that foretold what came to be: First we take the Neem Tree to Manhattan, then we take the Mandarin. Let's keep our observations clear, our orientation to our evolving situation wise, our decision based on all the best knowledge, and our decision to act then must self kick into gear. Or the Zen, the Art, and the Motorcycle, will simply sit there and rust while the world pollutes on by. Even Roman Antique books tell us to learn and listen: Sumer long ago salted itself dry.

And knowing, as Churchill might have observed, when we in democracies have tried every other possible route, we will often reluctantly conclude we may have to do the right thing. And we are not going to let our species extinction happen. In our life times anyway. The future; our grandchildren deserve better than a legacy of wearing face masks as in China now. We need to keep our eyes on these issues also. We all share this good ship, and now how clearly the satellite maps show the pollutants of India swirling up around the Arctic, laying soot on polar ice, causing the black ice to absorb heat which quickens their melting, causing starvation and a rapid decline in polar bears, who need ice to walk on to find their food sources, mostly seals, at ice holes. We are all so connected.

There can be such exhilaration to learn for yourself some long hidden truth from us, and yet on the other side of the world they knew.

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