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Change the World


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A Few Ideas TO Change The World


1. It takes only one person to change this world. And it is you. (You cannot imagine the snowballing effect of just one person changed to change the world. )

2. Most of the violence could be stopped by Forgiving Unconditionally and immediately.

3. Golden Rule -> Do unto others what you want others to do to you.

4. Marry to raise families for a millennium. If you go to a pub looking for a partner you might end up with a drunk for life. Let you brain look for a partner and love can wait to follow.

5. Learn good manners and teach them to your children.

6. Respect all older than you and younger than you. Teach them to your children.

7. Save at least 10 % of your income and learn to live with the rest. With proper guidance, invest your savings for a long growth towards your retirement.

8. Do not smoke. (This one act alone Saves you money, Improves yours, your family's and others’ health and Saves the Environment and Improves on Productivity at work, Improves the economy, Saves on government health bill. )

If you do only this one thing by quitting smoking you do great service to humanity.

9. Proactively learn to Save the Environment through saving water, saving energy, recycling, reusing, not polluting.

10. Volunteer as a means to extend you life to give life to those who are in need of life. Volunteering is a cure for so called depression, as when you work towards improving the lives of others, quality of your life improves. There is great joy in volunteering.

11. Work Hard. Whatever your hands take to do, do it with your might. Work hard irrespective of who is your employer. You are doing it to yourself. If you do not like your employer change jobs and prosper as the world needs lots of people who work hard.

12. Work smart. Learn more about your current job. Add new skills related to your working Institution or as a means to get another job in a different Institution.

13. Keep your Country clean. Pick and bin one litter in the public places.

14. Adopt A Family - of a Widow or an extremely low income family.

15. Start businesses, employ the unemployables also paying very good salaries and give the net profit to charity, to the needy.


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