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Even in ancient times astrology helped people find the good and bad places for them on earth, it was based on calculation and conformity of signs, houses and squares to the four sides of the earth. . The most attention was paid to analysis of the sign’s quality and the qualities of the researched places in the country.

In the 20th century the activity of discovery in astrology increased so that astrology started to use the geocentric model (the geocentric model of the universe is the theory that the Earth is at the center of the universe and the Sun and other celestial objects go around it. ), astrocartography (Astrocartography is an astrological system, developed and popularized by American astrologer Jim Lewis), and local space methods.

Here is a list of all the methods concerning the analysis of the space quality:

1. The analysis of the signs’ quality and the qualities of the country/place.

2. The analysis of the planet quality (especially in the ninth and fourth houses) and the quality of the country/place.

3. The analysis of consistency between the signs, houses, and squares to the sides of earth.

4. The geocentric method.

5. The astrocartography method.

6. A method of the local space, Local Space.

If the geocentric method can be considered a brand new method in the 20th century then the astrocartography method became the result of traditional-logical development of the time of K. Ptolemeja (1 century AD), like the planet is stronger at the top of the rising horoscope. Modern computer techniques have only proven the old axioms with convenient graphic diagrams. The same is true about the methods of the local space, in fact even before its creation everybody knew where East and West was in the horoscope. The modern astrological program can display on the map of the earth the surface of lines, where the particular planet is in the significant points of the horoscope (top, rising, aspect, position of the axis of horoscope) or on the significant direction (Local Space).

By knowing the place of the planet in the individual horoscope, it is possible to reveal favorable and not favorable sites of the space for the person. Usually the search includes places that are favorable for residence, for rest, for work, and for adjustment of private life. However, this can not be limited; the wishes of fans of the extreme life can be considered too.

The grid of lines of the planets can be put on the whole continent, on the country, on the city, or even on a single apartment. Unlike the now-popular feng shui, here everything has astrological substantiations under themselves proven by the mathematical way from the individual horoscope.

The presentation and beauty of space astrology cannot leave anybody uncaring. It seems that in this area of astrology we can expect big progress as in the growth of the already existing techniques and the development of new ones. But even those tools that we have now allow us to understand and explain a lot.

If you would like to learn more about astrology, especially mystical parts of astrology, visit the Astrology-Wisdom site.

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