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Kathryn Cassidy

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Harmonics is the study of the rhythms and sub rhythms of cosmic periods. It is a study that is rapidly taking a whole melange of astrological techniques and bringing them to a coordinated, simplified and unified whole.

Where once some methods of delineating a chart were considered to be superior to others, it is now seen that, at a level invisible to the eye, everything is connected.

That connection is through the medium of number. Number participates in a continuum that unfolds in time and the properties of number allow multiples of meanings to be used interchangeably to create the whole fabric of the Universe.

One of the greatest leaps in astronomical and astrological thought came from Johannes Kepler. Kepler's laws of planetary motion, and harmonics divulge the connection between planets and cycles through the medium of proportion and rhythm. Through the further development of these laws, where once we only understood the geometry of specific angular divisions of the chart, known as aspects, we now understand the wider implications of the wave motion they represent. As a result we have come to understand how those aspects might represent vibrational qualities that resonate throughout the Universe.

In an outline of Kepler's astrology, Wolfgang Pauli commented that, according to Kepler, individual souls have the ability to react to certain harmonious proportions, which correspond to specific rational divisions of a circle. In music, this ability is revealed in our perception of euphony or consonance in certain musical intervals. Our souls are said to be able to react similarly to harmonious proportions of angles that rays of stellar light make with each other when they strike the earth. In the case of planets, these are the aspects of traditional astrology.

Although the original idea of a ‘harmony of the spheres’ descends from before Christ, Kepler was instrumental in helping us to understand the inherent order and perfection of our World. As Sir James Jeans once said "he (God) is addicted to arithmetic".

One branch of scientific thought that works with the concept of number is Archaeocryptography. The A-cryptographer work with ancient sites and monuments and explore their relationship to number. In the course of their studies they have come up with some astounding information which can only lead one to surmise that although Kepler discovered certain laws, he was possibly only a conduit through which knowledge flowed from a greater Consciousness.

For it would seem that the ancient civilisations possessed an understanding of number, geometry and proportion beyond any level we could have imagined.

For instance, in Wiltshire, England lies the megalithic structure, Stonehenge. This site once comprised of 30 stones with 30 lintels laid on top. The perimeter of the site is enclosed by a 360-degree circle. If you multiply 60 by the 360 degree circle you obtain the number 21,600.

The location of Stonehenge is 51 degrees, 10 mins and 42,3529411764 seconds of latitude north of the equator which, when multiplied also produces 21,600 (51 X10X 42,3529411764) and yet the people of that time in history were not supposed to have known that a circle had 360 degrees of arc

What is this synchrony?

In Mexico there is a pyramid known as The Pyramid of Magicians in Uxmal. It is apparently one of the only ones to be square sided and round cornered. So it is the merger of two common geometrical forms, the circle and the square. If you square a circle i. e. 360 squared, 360 squared = 129,600 (: 120° 54’ = 20.000”) Which is where it is to the west of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

As if this wasn’t enough food for thought it also emerges that Easter Island, Nazca, Ollantaytambo, Paratoari, Tassili n'Ajjer and Giza are all aligned on a single great circle around the Globe. Additional ancient sites that are located within one tenth of one degree of this great circle include Petra; Perseopolis; Khajuraho; Pyay, Sukothai and Anatom Island.

So what does all this tell us?

"An immense play of mirrors thus exists in an immemorial way between the macrocosm and the microcosm, the creation and the creature, the creation and the Creator, the creature and the Creator; and it is made possible by mathematics, because this is at the same time their common essence and their common reason. It is the only natural language, because it is the only one in which Nature expresses itself. And it is necessary to take literally this idea of expression: Nature is not only full of meaning, but full of a meaning which is not hidden, which on the contrary announces itself openly in the spectacle of the heavens each hour, each day, provided one knows the language in which it manifests itself. Far from being contingent like the languages of man, mathematics conceals and reveals the secret necessity of things. Because of this, it is a sacred although natural language, or rather sacred because natural; perhaps even the only truly sacred language. . . " (Gérard Simon, “Kepler's Astrology: The Direction of a Reform").

The work of the Astrologer is to translate these mathematical relationships and reveal the geometry, or pattern, that our birthchart describes. For when all is said and done, we too are an integral part of the sacred geometry of creation.

Note: Some of the the above mathematical information was compiled from ‘The Codes of the Ancients’ by Carl Munck.

Kathryn Cassidy is a professional astrologer. She writes on a variety of topics which fall under the umbrella of metaphysics. She hosts a blog at


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