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The Meaning of Tarot Cards Where Does it Come From?


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The meaning of Tarot cards is a slightly more complicated matter than many might think. People assume (wrongly) that if the “Death" card appears, the person receiving a reading is at risk of imminent death, for instance. It isn't that simple. The cards have meanings, but those meanings are derived from several different factors. Let's look at what determines the meaning of the Tarot.

The Tarot Cards Themselves

This seems like a reasonable place to start. Different cards have different meanings. At the same time, each individual card has multiple possible meanings of its own. A good Tarot reader understands that the meanings are not fixed and that they can vary based on other factors. At the same time, he or she also knows what possible meanings are inextricably tied to individual cards.

The Tarot Card Spread

One factor that influences the meaning of individual Tarot cards is how they are laid out for a reading. A card may have radically different connotations based upon the spread being used and where it falls within that spread. This is another example of how the meaning of the cards is dependent upon far more than what is printed upon it. Meanings are derivative, ascertained from multiple factors.

The Tarot Card Reader

The person performing the reading has an influence on the meaning of the cards, too. Good readers are intuitive and receptive to the thoughts, biases, tendencies and beliefs of the person for whom they are divining. This intuition and observation can direct their interpretation of the cards (consistent with established potential meanings) to improve the quality of a reading.

The Tarot Card Subject

The person for whom a reading is being performed is also a key factor in assessing the meaning of Tarot cards. Not only, as noted, can the subject communicate (intentionally or otherwise) with the reader, his or her mindset and interpretive lens will also impact the nature and meaning of the cards.

If looking over all of those factors leaves you feeling intimidated at the idea of reading Tarot cards, you can relax. The process sounds much more daunting than it is. With a little core information and the right frame of mind, almost anyone who wants to do so can learn to use the properly and successfully.

Did you know that you can learn everything you need to master the art of reading Tarot cards without spending countless hours or a small fortune? You can learn the cards from a quality source of information quickly and easily.

I'm Kaline Josteney, the self-proclaimed “Tarot Princess" and I know one thing with absolute certainty: The cards are good!

Why don't you make them a part of your life? Whether for self-fulfillment, divination or just as a matter of fun, learning Tarot cards can be wonderful.

You're reading this for a reason. Clearly, you want to know more about Tarot. Indulge your curiosity and seek out great information about Tarot Cards now.


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