Is The Planet Pluto Transforming Your Life?

Randall Curtis

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Astrologers often speak of how the larger planets have a powerful impact on our lives. Nothing confirms this more than the transit of Pluto through your birth chart.

After you are born, Pluto continues to move through the psychic sky of your birth chart. When it comes in contact with any one of the energy fields of the personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars, which are shown in your chart, feelings, reactions, and tendencies are set off that bring transforming changes in your life.

You no longer seem to be in control of your life.

Upon hearing this, many readers will wonder how on earth can a cold and dark planet, millions of miles away, and half the size of the Moon's orbit, have any effect on their lives?

In the psychic realm, distance is not a factor. Only in the outer world do we experience the illusion of time and space.

In your inner space, no such boundaries exist. This means that the specific events that relate to Pluto's energies are felt by people everywhere, regardless of linear reasoning and the limitations of time and space.

Many of my clients have been astounded by my explanation of what has happened to them. They say that no one else has ever been able to explain to them what they have not been able to explain to themselves.

If you are going through intense emotional experiences and great changes are taking place in your life, it may be wise to consult an astrologer. He or she can pull back the curtain of your mind and reveal the inner landscape of what is happening deep in your psyche.

It does not matter whether you believe in these experiences or not. Simply investigate what Pluto means in your birth chart and you will understand its transforming power when it comes for a visit one day.

© 2005 Randall Curtis

Randall Curtis is a professional astrologer with world-wide clients.

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