The Manglik Factor in the Horoscope


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Mars holds a very important planet in our horoscopes. It is the planet of action and our capacity to project emotion - its nature is that of a brave warrior, one who is also ruthless. A correct balance of Martian energy is the most desirable in all lives - but unfortunately, only a lucky few possess this dynamic balance. Mars is the planet of emotional excitability, which can become violence. Generally speaking, Venus is the planet of emotion sensitivity, which can become refinement while Mars represents the malefic side of our emotions.

On the positive side, a strong Mars is necessary to give us the energy, independence, will and self-confidence to carry out our endeavors. Without this we would have no real interest, passion or motivation to carry out anything to an end and accomplish its objective. On the negative side, the same aggression brings about competition, argument and conflict - which, if unchecked can lead to domination, violence and injury.

Mars indicates premature death; as with loss of partner, particularly so when Mars is afflicted by “Kuja Dosha". This affliction of Mars in a chart commonly makes the horoscope to be known as a Manglik horoscope. It is caused by placement of Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th house of a natal chart. There are of course conditions when this affliction of “Kuja Dosha" is reduced to some extent. These are:

  • Mars in 1st House is in Aries
  • Mars in 4th House is in Scorpio
  • Mars in the 7th House is in Capricorn or


  • Mars in the 8th House is in Cancer
  • Mars in the 12th House is in Sagittarius

The very obvious and only means to cancellation of "Kuja Dosha" or malefic effect of a Manglik horoscope is that the person with such a horoscope marries another with a similar affliction. Recourse to divinity, especially to Lord Hanumaan is said to be effective armour against malefic effect of “Kuja Dosha".

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