Astrological Ignorance

Ed Howes

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With the skyrocketing popularity of online dating and hook ups we should start paying more attention to astrology, numerology and graphology. These are excellent tools by which we can know someone easily met, on a much deeper level. Intuition is good to the extent it is reliable and for some, it is all they may ever need. But even those of us with strong intuition can benefit by looking inside another and spending the typical $20 for an astrological compatibility report.

Such a report will by no means tell you if you and another will live happily ever after but it will tell you how you are likely to get along in a more intimate relationship, whether or not you will be able to work together in common cause, such as raising a family or avoiding one.

A new friend might not want you to have the intimate knowledge of them that astrology and the other tools provide. Then you should want to know why. What does your new friend prefer you do not know about their character, personality and likely life purpose?

Using such well developed and reliable tools to know another person is not just practical in romantic and intmate situations. One should know these things about family, siblings, children and parents. To not have a natal chart and a compatibility report on a loved one or a friend is tantamount to saying: “I really don’t care who this person is. " Once you are willing to admit this to yourself, you can try to hide it from the other until they figure it out through years of experience.

I have filled out a few dating profiles and knowing my own astrology and numerology has proved helpful in making the profiles honest. This allows others to have confidence in their choice. Habitual liars can usually be identified by correspondence, phone chats and just an hour or two of face to face contact.

This means others will not get any great surprises. If the dating services result in dates or meetings, astrology and the other tools can provide great ice breakers. Sure, we know the question, what is your sign is an old pickup line. But sun signs only offer a glimpse into the make-up of another person, about as useful as knowing their favorite color. In other words, an astrological interest that does not go beyond a sun sign is shallow to start with.

The utility of these tools goes beyond personal relationships to work and business. Why begin a partnership that is likely to fail due to character or personality differences? Why hire help on the basis of previous work experience and credit rating while ignoring most of the essential information about who they are and what their deepest desires are likely to be? Astrological ignorance is just another way to say; “I couldn’t care less about others. ” It’s a difficult attitude to hide for long. If you have been brainwashed into thinking there is no value in these tools, study reports about yourself for a year or two and see if you do not find a new and better self understanding and acceptance. You have nothing to lose by caring who you really are under all the masks others have created for you, and you have willingly worn. Once you care who you are, caring about others becomes easier and natural.

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