Diet Coke And Mentos Phenomenon Part 2


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Here is the second part of the diet coke and mentos phenomenon articles series. We will be completing here the process of the diet coke mentos challenge experiment so that you can follow along and eventually submit your own diet coke and mentos video on the internet!

Continued from articles 1: Equipment needed for diet coke mentos experiment:

3. Bottles of Diet Coke.

4. Packets of Mentos.

5. Website to upload your videos to, to share with the world. . video. is the best. . its free and easy to use.

How to do it:

There are two main different styles of adding your mentos to the 2 litre bottle of diet coke.

1. From a cylinder in cardboard, put this in the top of the open diet coke bottle, use this funnel to drop 5 mentos into the bottle.

2. drill a hole in the centre of the mentos, then put some cotton through the bottom of the mentos and glue it in place. then drill holes in 4 other mentos and string the cotton through each of these, then drill a small 1/8th hole in the top of the diet coke lid, put the cotton through this hole and tie it to a small piece of wood. this results in 5 mentos hanging on the cotton underneath the diet coke lid, then screw the lid back on the bottle. The mentos are suspended above the diet coke liquid in the bottle. to proceed with the experiment, you break the cotton and the mentos drop into the diet coke liquid.

Preparing for the video.

Make sure your shoot where there is plenty of light. Video cameras with a zoom feature make for best shooting. Make sure there is not too much background noise, such as cars driving by, dogs barking etc. Do a test run first without actually doing the experiment, then preview the video to see how it looks and to see if how the background looks. Make sure you have a presentable background for your video. since you are videoing vertical sprays of diet coke, try to use a background to reflect this. e. g a background with vertical images in the background. this will help the look of your video.

When you have everything listed here setup you are ready to create your own killer diet coke mentos experiment video. One last tip: just get ready to run after the diet coke and mentos collide! There is a funny video online where a boy tricks his friend into putting his face over the exploding bottle. . . needless to say the result wasn't a pleasant one.

Keep an eye out for the last article in the diet coke and mentos phenomenon article series.

Peter Drew is the owner of diet coke and mentos a competition site where you can win $750 for submiting the best diet coke and mentos video. You can also view other peoples crazy diet coke and mentos videos and much more. Check out diet coke and mentos now


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