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Start Your Own Coin Collection


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Coin collecting is fast becoming a popular hobby throughout Britain. It seems this past time is no longer reserved for the geeky among us and is now being touted as a great financial investment, not to mention a fun and enjoyable hobby. Starting your own coin collection can bring you hours of fun and, if you’re lucky, you could stumble across a rare find netting you a tidy profit in return.

For many avid coin collectors the interest stems from childhood when the lure of shiny pennies would have children hoarding their pocket money like pirate treasure. Collecting coins as a child often trickles over into adulthood with the discovery of rarer and more expensive coins online and in specialist antique shops.

If you are just starting out with your own collection it’s advisable to begin with the type of coins you like. If there is a certain period in history you are drawn to or a specific country you like then collecting coins with this in mind can be a great start. Try to pick the pieces you really love rather than focus on their value or potential worth. Choosing things you like will make your coin collecting a much more enjoyable experience and you will always be able to sell your chosen collection on to other avid collectors. Whatever takes your fancy there will be like minded people, websites and clubs you can join to the best advice when starting your own unique coin collection.

If you’re a beginner then try rummaging around in local car boot sales or antique shops, where you can unearth some great treasures. If you have difficulty finding coins you really like try starting with some commemorative coins. Coins are minted to celebrate lots of occasions from jubilees to World Cups so if you have a special interest or hobby you can look into their memorabilia and start your collection from there. The excitement you can get from completing a set of coins can keep you motivated to start new collections or even trade in some for a more exclusive set. Most experienced enthusiasts collect coins in lots so having a full set of an anniversary or occasion can be a fantastic way to sell on your coins down the line.

For some more inspiration try visiting various museums and historical centres where you can find rare coins on display. Here you can source information on the most valuable and historical coins and, once you have the knowledge and some experience, you can move onto bigger or more exclusive collections that will be sure to net you a tidy profit. Keeping an eye out for specialist auctions and sales will help you find the more elusive coins to add to your special collection.

Whatever your coin collection consists of it will be sure to bring you lots of fun and enjoyment over the years and may turn out to be a great investment for your future, so get hunting and you may just find the jewel in a crown of coins.

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