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Why are flower tattoo designs so darn popular?

Rupert Bell

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Flowers are among the most exploited natural subjects for tattoo artworks. It is kind of obvious, if you think about it: flowers are beautiful, show off wonderful colours and have always fascinated men and women since the beginning of times.

They can be made into graceful and elegant tattoo design and, what is really important for tattoo lovers, they are always original. There are so many different kinds of flowers and so many possible combinations and colours, it is almost impossible to see two identical flower tattoo designs.

This wide range of choice for tattoo fan and tattoo artists is probably the most relevant reason of flower tattoos popularity.

Sure, they are primarily loved by women, who admire their grace and beauty, but men do also show quite often appreciation for this type of tattoo designs .

The meaning of a flower tattoo can differ a lot. Many choose such tattoo designs to express something personal, ascribing an individual and unique significance to their tattoo. But many kinds of flower tattoos carry general meanings, which people from all over the world have attribute them throughout history.

Rose Tattoo designs

The two most widespread flower tattoo designs are the Rose and the Lotus tattoos. Rose tattoo designs as popular in the west part of the world as Lotus flower tattoos are in the east.

Roses have always been symbols for love. A red rose means love and passion; it’s the most common romantic gift for a woman. Maybe therefore rose tattoos are equally popular among men and women. A rose with different colours or combine with other tattoo designs can have a completely different meaning. Just think about a black rose tattoo. It doesn’t make you really think about romantic rendezvous, does it? A rose with a knife through it can symbolize a dangerous love or a painful one. If surrounded in barbed wire tattoo design could be a sign for the common connection between love and sorrow.

Lotus flower tattoos have not always been so popular in western countries as nowadays, but they have gained popularity during the last 20 years, due to the general arising interest in Asiatic cultures.

Lotus flowers carry a much deeper meaning than those of most other flowers. They are not just romantic symbols for love or chivalry; they have always been connected with gods and religious concepts. In Asian traditions, lotus flowers have always been divine symbols representing divine purity and eternity. In India, the Lotus flower is the most recurring image in religious illustrations.

Of course, there are many other kinds of flowers and they can all be combined with each other or other kind of tattoo designs to create the most wonderful tattoo artworks imaginable.

The limit really is your imagination and a skilled tattoo artist can really get the best out of such beautiful subjects.


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The Rose Tattoo Designs - So Many Meanings In One Simple Flower
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