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Popular Celtic Tattoo Designs


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Celtic tattoos are all the rage right now, and for good reason - these highly-detailed images look good and carry a highly symbolic weight. The following are some of the most popular Celtic tattoo designs.

Celtic Knot - The Celtic knot is a series of interwoven lines that interact together like a puzzle to form a pleasing design or zoomorphic form. Although their origin is still debated and may include a Norse influence, the key feature of the design is that none of the lines in the knot ever end - they all continue on to connect with one another throughout the design. This is said to represent continuity in life, the cycle of the seasons and the vast complexity of nature.

Celtic Cross - Celtic cross tattoos carry the same weaving line structure as the Celtic knot, but instead of forming a simple pattern, the strands of the design come together to outline the shape of a Christian cross. This design is highly religious in nature, and is often used by different groups of Celtic people to proclaim their ethnicity as well.

Claddagh - The Claddagh is a recognizable symbol of Celtic and Irish origins. The design traditionally features two hands clasping a heart that is covered by a crown. Although this design is most widely seen in the form of a ring that's given to symbolize the intent to wed, it's also popular as a tattoo for its graphic representation of everlasting love, loyalty and fidelity.

Celtic Tree of Life - The Celtic tree of life tattoo is fairly self-explanatory. In the same style as the Celtic knot and the Celtic cross, the Celtic tree of life tattoo is composed of interweaving lines that form branches around a central tree trunk. Again, no ends of the lines are exposed, so the design takes on a feeling of continuity and permanence. In addition, the Celtic tree of life tattoo is said to represent the beginning and end of life, as well as the eternal nature of the world.

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