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How to Choose a Wrist Tattoo Design Based From the Sleeve Shape

Musa Saddad

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When it comes for you to get tattoo for the very first time what is your idea to put that on or what kind of shape that will represent you? We always want something simple and hope it will be stared by people while you walking at a hall town or friends at school. Some of us are happy when they talk about our tattoo even at staring it we will be happy because it has an appeal itself and we start thinking for the next plan for another part of body. The rest is just completing their mood, combining with personality and a must. They both visions are not wrong at all, but some people who does not let themselves trying to accept it proportionally.

Why wrist? Wrist tattoos now is getting more and more popular within celebrity or common people, it seems that wrist area will bring him to luckiness and source of their appeal. Wrist area wills always be seen whether you put that on outside or inner wrist will look cute and sexy. We too can easily see anytime ours you will think yourself great or awesome, but people has their thought about your tattoo because it is always like this. Do not be afraid to start deciding to your chosen one because wrist area is not so many bad. You can start it with a bunch of cute design out there waiting at you choose one, and then let the artist did this just that simple.

There are several shapes of some sleeves to be thought twice. Why, because we had so many different kinds of sleeve sizes that are big, normal, and small, let me explain them all.

Big Sleeve - normally if one of us considers being fat, they had a big sleeve. If you have height 17cm and your weight about 90kg that was not proportional, it can be categorizing as an overweight whether they high or low if the height is not following with a proportional weight that will be in the case. This condition is not suitable to put on a tiny design on wrist. It has to be something bigger makes it twice or three times bigger than the normal size. If you force to get the normal size it will be look like scar and unclear enough to see. Instead of that if, you plan to put a bigger picture, they will consider your tattoo. Fat body is not the problem for being tattooed; the main problem is where you cannot put that onto the right thought. Try to discuss it with the artist they had a bunch answer that will make you breathe again, do not make a fuss face because everything always have the solution.

Normal Sleeve - this size is quite ideal to be matched with several size, but it end has the limitation. Normal size of sleeve is better than it will help you too to make a better look to everyone, perhaps they will look the other part of your body too once again because you have a proportional body. That is a plus value for having a good body. If you have planned to get a tattoo on your wrist that is the right choice because it will boost your popularity. I have been watching a woman who has tattoo on her wrist, a tiny flower wrinkle around her inner wrist not too much ink on that so simple but it looks cute on her. I stared at her for about 20 minutes, she did have them all beautiful, she had a proportional body for about 6 feet, and if I estimate it her weight about 55 to 63 kilos. I do not mean to compare you to her; the point is that the people will look you and attracting people to you that is one of your tattoos for. If you take too much picture on your wrist is okay but make sure to keep it clear what did picture you have put it on. However, normally the wrist area does not take too much picture on that but some simple design; actually, you will see the sample in my Web site.

Small Sleeve - I have seen so many samples of people with small sleeve but it ended they had it to be remove. Some of them use a temporary so they can remove it once they want to, and some of them do not care about people say they just go for it because they found fun on this or even boosting their career. I have one friend who has thin body, not too thin actually but him always desperate once he notices that a tattoo on his wrist does not suitable for him. The other day I met him he had the tattoo removed from his wrist, he did not like it, he says that he has another one on neck a tribal tattoo, and then I said that is cool. You are not the only one who had the same body as my friend had, you can find another better area which is suitable for you and make you feel cheer with it. Travis Barker has a thin body but he did not regret it he feels good with it until we had him cover up all over the body with tattoos.

Musa Saddad is a writer he is also walking his line as a tattoo artist.

I had been drawing my own tattoo to sell it is very cheap tattoo design , page by page I will fill it with another kind of tattoo information like wrist tattoo , neck tattoo and all the tattoo body parts.


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