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The Adventures of Penny Pincher - Penny Pincher Learns a Secret


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It was a bright snowy day. The previous night snow had fallen and from the window the garden looked like a field of white cotton. Penny Pincher was standing at the window admiring the whiteness of the snow. Suddenly his friends came to him and said, “Let's go out and play Penny Pincher. "

Penny Pincher being Penny Pincher was always ready for fun and games. Winter was his favorite season and with his thick black and white fur, he never felt the need to put on any warm clothes. He loved to frolic in the snow and building a snowman was his favorite past time besides talking to Bethany, the love of his life.

The entire group of friends trouped outside. “Oh! The snow is cold, " cried Bethany in amazement. “I have never seen snow in my life. I didn't realize that snow could be this cold and yet so beautiful. " The others looked at her in amazement. They couldn't imagine that Bethany, their beloved Bethany, had never seen snow before.

"Let's have a snowball fight, " suggested Penny Pincher.

"Yippee, " screamed everyone together and they started making snowballs while checking out the best spots in the garden for cover.

Emily and Bethany headed for the mighty oak tree; Max hid behind the garden shed; York thought the fountain would give him good cover; and Penny Pincher decided to hide behind the garden fence out on the sidewalk.

Peals of laughter were echoing through the garden. The friends were having so much fun that it was unbelievable. Of course, the snowball fight was making things all the more enjoyable. Most snowballs were going haywire and missing their target but who cared. The idea was to have fun and the friends were definitely having a whale of a time.

Just as Penny Pincher spotted Max in the open and he was getting ready to aim at him, his attention was drawn by a weird looking thing. The thing was half jumping and half scrambling on the pavement in a very strange manner. But was was the thing?

As it approached closer, Penny Pincher realized that it was Tinny, the scarecrow from the neighbor's garden. “Hi Tinny!" Penny Pincher greeted him. “Why are you walking so strangely? Isn't it too early for you to be out? Spring is still months away. "

In his grating rusty voice Tinny replied, “I will not tell you. "

This got Penny Pincher really curious. He forgot all about the snowball fight and his friends. He wanted to know what Tinny didn't want to tell him.

He looked up and down at Tinny, who was dressed all in black from head to toe. He even had a black top hat. Penny Pincher decided to get the story out of Tinny in his own way. “Ok. Don't tell me. I'm not interested in knowing what you don't want to tell me. "

"Since you are forcing me, I will tell you what I don't want to tell you, " said Tinny.
Penny Pincher smiled secretly. He knew that Tinny had taken his bait. He pretended he was not interested and answered in a matter of fact voice, “Really Tinny, you don't have to tell me anything. Frankly I'm not interested. "

Tinny whispered looking furtively all around, “What I'm going to tell you is a big secret. Don't tell anyone. "

"I cross my heart, " said Penny Pincher placing his right paw across his chest.

Tinny looked squarely into Penny Pincher's eyes and said, “Be very careful where you tread. "

Penny Pincher looked surprised. Was this the big secret? “Come on Tinny. You must be joking. What is the big deal?"

Tinny came with a reply, “Because there are ants. "

"Huh!" said a really confused Penny Pincher.

Looking very concerned Tinny said, “You might squash one as you walk. "

Hearing this Penny Pincher burst into laughter. He had never heard such nonsense in his beary life. The sidewalk was covered with snow so there was no question about ants being around.

"Where do you think ants go in winter?" asked Tinny. “The stay in bed and sometimes they come out to swim in the melting snow, which is in direct touch with the sidewalk. So, you have to watch where you step or you might end up stepping on ants.

Penny Pincher was looking more and more incredulous by the second. He had not heard anything so preposterous. Before he could respond, Tinny again started hopping and scrambling trying to avoid the imaginary ants that only he could see.

Just as Penny Pincher turned to walk towards his friends to tell about how Tinny had lost his mind, he noticed two ants coming out from under the snow. He looked at them in shock. He had never seen ants in winter.

Penny Pincher started walking back to the garden to tell them about this startling revelation. He tried his level best not to tread on any ants, though he could not see them. His friends stopped playing and watched him with strange looks. He did not care. He knew a secret that they did not know but soon he would share it with them.

Besides sharing adventures with Patricia and his three best friends, Penny Pincher is the beloved teddy bear of Patricia Twitchell aka The Teddy Bear Lady of Myrtle Creek, Oregon. To experience one of the largest and best selections of teddy bears, angels, fairies, jade, crystal, pewter and more that you can find anywhere, visit Just Bears and Stuff eBay Store at


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