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Tiger Tattoo Designs - Display Strength, Courage and Beauty With the Perfect Design


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It is undeniable that the tiger is one of the most powerful symbols of strength and beauty. The Samurai of Japan used the tiger as an emblem. In the modern world, tiger tattoo designs have been very popular since the ‘90's. Since this style has been in vogue for so long, it's important to find a design that has not been overdone. If you get a generic looking tiger tattoo there is a good chance you'll regret it later. Is the symbol of a tiger truly in your heart? If so, then you need to know how to find an original tattoo design that inspires you. . . one you can take pride in showing the rest of your life.

Is a tiger tattoo for you? Tiger tattoos by their very nature are usually bigger designs. Really think about this one. . . does the energy of this symbol deeply resonate with you? The tiger as a symbol is open to personal interpretation, however here are some common meanings:

Tiger's symbolic meaning

* Strength and courage
* Beauty and pride
* Passion and sensuality
* Purity of heart

You definitely don't want to get a tiger tattoo because it looks cool or is fashionable. Make sure this symbol has a deeper personal meaning for you before making the commitment. Think before your ink!

If you're committed to getting a tiger tattoo. . . great! Now it's time to consider the different styles available. There are a lot of style options to consider and we won't go over all of them here. But here are some that tend to go well with the tiger design:

Tiger tattoo styles

Tribal tiger. The bold dark lines of the tribal style go very well with the tiger's stripes. A simple, yet very masculine and powerful look that can capture the movement of the great cat.

Dragon/Tiger tattoo. This is a classic Yin/Yang combination found in asian culture. The dragon symbolizes protection (female or Yin energy) and the tiger symbolizes strength (male or Yang energy. )

Flower tattoos. For a more feminine and elegant look, Japanese flowers in combination with a graceful looking tiger design is very attractive.

Ok, now you have some pretty good ideas about tiger meanings and some different style ideas. . . but where do you find a great looking tattoo that isn't the same old boring designs you see everywhere?

First, don't waste your time wading through the sea of generic images you see on all these internet sites. Most of these designs are very outdated. Plus the majority of these drawings were never designed to be used as tattoo art. They are just random images that have been added to the databases. Some of these designs might look cool on paper but they won't look the same when inked on your body.

Only go to professional tattoo websites that showcase top of the line tattoo art. These sites only used fresh designs created by professional tattoo artists. . . artists that understand how to create tiger tattoo designs that look great on the body and are original too.

So where EXACTLY can you find great looking tiger tattoo designs that don't look like everything else? I've researched hundreds of tattoo sites to find what I believe are your best choices. Click here to read my reviews. All of these sites offer a huge variety of unique tattoo designs that are created to compliment the natural lines of your body. Take your time and have fun. . . I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for!


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