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Cool Celtic Tattoo Designs


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Celtic tattoos have a long history. Celtic tattoo designs have become very popular in recent years. The designs vary but a few designs are the most popular.

While there are many variations on Celtic tattoo design, the Celtic knot is the most commonly seen and used for tattoos. This knot is many strands woven together to create the symbol or design of the knot that is to be used. These knots have different meanings and were used for different purposes. The Celtic knot is often referred to as an endless knot which symbolizes the eternal spiritual being that are people. There is no beginning and there is no end to spirituality and life itself. This is representative of the extremely superstitious and spiritual nature of the Celts. The endless knot can be intertwined with an animal or can be woven in the form of a triangle or a cross.

The Celtic cross symbolizes ones’ faith and the end of the polytheistic ways of the Celts and the acceptance of Christianity. The earliest Celtic tattoos were dated back to 3000BC to a man with tribal tattoos on his shoulder. While there is no way of knowing of sure whether or not the ancient Celts actually used our modern Celtic tattoo design as tattoos it is thought that these tattoos were primarily worn by Celtic warriors as an intimidation tactic during times of conflict, which was, from a historical point of view, a common reason for tattooing. If these tattoos did happen it is uncertain what these designs were, although it is certain that the symbols such as the knots or the use of animals within the knots have always been used to show the feelings one has for something. This is also the reasoning that many people use for getting Celtic tattoos now.

While there may be many different accounts of if Celtics were tattooed and if so how much what cannot be disputed is that what this group of people started visually has remained a part of modern tattoo culture up through the present. For the last five thousand and eight years Celtic tattoos have linked one with their faith and tradition and it is certain that this tradition will last for another five thousand and eight years.

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Cool Tribal Tattoo Designs
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