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Lil Wayne Tattoos


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Lil Wayne also known as “Weezy Baby" is one of the most talented, controversial and famous rappers of our time. His incredible lyrics, rhythmic songs and the unique musical versions that he brings to hip-hop and rap lovers are some of the things that characterize him and his awesome work. Much of the controversy which surrounds him is based upon the history that he has chosen to brand his body with, as you'll see below some people completely dislike this style and yet love his music which is directly reflected on the number of sales generated by his most recent album.


Lil Wayne's tattoos have always been a topic of great discussion among his fans, he has so many of them that it would be very difficult to describe them all in just one article, being this the case we are going to focus on the most obvious ones, the ones which are found in his face.

There has been a lot of confusion in regards to the teardrops which he has tattooed right below his eyes, as you may know he has three teardrops which for some represent the number of people the person has killed but, this is not the case as he clearly stated that he has never killed anyone instead, they might represent three of his close friends who have died, since he has two tears below one of his eyes and one tear below the other one they probably relate to two different instances when his loved ones died.

Among some of the most notorious tattoos that he sports we must mention of those which are placed on his eye lids which together read “fear God", he also has a letter “C" tattooed right in between his eyebrows, some people say that it stands for Carter which is his last name, right above that “C" there is a cross that indicates that he believes in God, he got this one branded right after he got out of jail this year - some people speculate that the “C" might stand for his mom or the fact that he is a Christian, either way their meaning is open to interpretation.

Carter III

Lil Wayne - Whose ‘Lollipop’ Is #1 - Gives His Baby Picture A Tattooed Makeover For Carter III Cover

This is the name of his most recent album which features a picture of himself back in the days when he was a baby with the addition of some digital touch-ups (tattoos), the number one song in this album is called “Lollipop", this one is aimed at the ladies that he has been a great success because the very first day that the single hit the market is sold nearly 400,000 copies and shortly after that it surpassed the one million copies sold, this album was able to reach those impressive numbers regardless of the fact that most of the tracks were leaked months ago. These numbers bring him to the elite group of rappers who have been able to reach and surpass the one million mark, some others which have achieved this level of success are Kanye West and 50 Cent.

One of the reasons we have mentioned the Carter III is because he also got a red tattoo right above his right eyebrow which reads “I am music", according to the singer he has a profound love for music and he owes his level of success to a lot of people who work in the business and yet don't even know the influence they'd have had on his career, some of these characters are T-Pain and even Prince.

Blogger Mixed Reactions in Regards to His Tatoos:

"That's ok. . . he can STILL get it!!!!"
"Ewwww.. . . i used to really like him. "
"He's awful. . . . He is bringing the black race down!"
"He will be sorry he did that to himself. . . It's really not cute!"
"In a way it's kinda sexy"
"It really doesn't matter, Truth is is that he is Talented and if thats what he chooses to do to himself then who cares. "

As you can see there are mixed reactions and opinions when it comes to his Tatoos but the fact remains that Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers of our time and his feelings, experiences and thoughts are highly accepted by his many fans through the universal language of music.

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