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Tattoos of Flowers - The Meaning Behind Some of the Most Popular Tattoos of Flowers and Vines


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As far as tattoos of flowers go, daffodils have come to take on several very different meanings. A few include: deceitfulness, hope, unrequited love, and also regard.

The daffodil has been adopted by both the American Cancer Society, & the Madame Curie Society, for whom it symbolizes simultaneously hope & disease.

Daisies, in general, represent innocence. However, different sub-categories of daisies have their own, unique meaning. The white, wild daisy says, “I will think of it. " Colored daisies represent beauty. The Michaelmas daisy bids farewell.

The daisy is the April herb specified by the English Herbal Calendar. According to ancient Celtic legend daisies appeared from the spirits of children who died at birth. God sprinkled these bright lovely flowers across the earth to cheer the grieving parents.

The hibiscus flower is overwhelmingly recognized as a symbol for delicate beauty.

The hibiscus was first native to the warm climate of southern China, but later moved to the Pacific Islands and finally, to the US in 1842.

More Tattoos of Flowers: Lily, Lotus, Sunflower, and of Course, the Rose

There is an interesting amount of polarity in what the different types of lilies signify. A water lily: purity of heart. A calla lily: maiden modesty; beauty. The day lily: coquetry. The frog lily shows disgust. The tiger lily whispers urgently, “I dare you to love me. " White lilies: purity and sweetness. And, yellow lilies portray coquetry, falsehood & flirtations.

An ancient Chinese proverb celebrated the majesty and fascination with the lily - “When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other. "

Like the hibiscus flower, the lotus flower is universally accepted as a symbol of estranged love and the associated empty yearning it entails.

The lotus flower originated in Egypt and in India, and has had a major role in the local myths and legends.

A hugely popular tattoo design subject, the rose has come to mean different things to different people for nearly as many different reasons. However, there are a few widely held traditional meanings behind roses, making them quite eloquent flowers.

Red roses: unity and romance. Pink conveys the whisper, “Ours must be a secret love. . . " White roses assure, “I am worthy of your love. " White roses communicate charming simplicity. Rosebuds affirm youth and innocence and can also mark one as too young to love. Sunny yellow roses rather glumly convey warnings of jealousy, waning love or the hopeful promise, “Let us forget. . . . "

The sunflower, rich in appeal to the very nature of its beauty, sunflowers are also a great way to communicate, “You are splendid!"

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