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Guardian Angel Tattoos


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It is believed that we all have a Guardian Angel watching over us, so when it comes to choosing tattoos wouldn't it be lovely to choose this spiritual being to be immortalised somewhere on our body.

This would give us a truer sense of our guardian angel, always being with us.

Spiritually, the guardian angel has always been perceived as an entity that serves as a link between us and a higher being or God. Angels appear in the Bible, guiding people on their way by passing on sacred knowledge.

Their presence always relates to safety and protection.

Apart from their symbolic meanings they are always depicted as breathtakingly beautiful in a fragile, ethereal way.

When choosing from a vast collection of tattoos I always think it's wise to go for something that can stand the test of time.

Crazes and fads may come and go; but by going for guardian angel tattoos, I believe that you'll never regret having such a meaningful symbol of beauty and spirituality immortalised upon your self.

The design you choose will be very personal to you and say something about your spirituality. Both men and women alike choose to have angel designs.

Personally, whether you are male or female I think that having a guardian angel tattoo indicates someone who appreciates beauty, is aware of their own higher self, is in tune with their inner needs, can be a protector of others and isn't afraid to accept protection when it is needed for themselves.

Personally, I've always asked my guardian for help, in times of need. Having finally had a tattoo of her I now feel more in tune with her and her wisdom, making me a more confident and complete person.

Make sure that when you are choosing your guardian angel tattoo that you can feel a connection with the design. It has to feel right.

To make sure that you get a unique, high quality design for your tattoo visit my website at where you can also get your hands of 100's of free tattoo designs.


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Angel and Cherub Tattoos - Let the Angel Express Your Spirituality
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