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The Do's And Don'ts When Choosing A Tattoo Artist


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Tattoo studio and artist selection is critical for a positive tattoo experience. Your number one concern should be sterilization when you are seeking your tattoo studio. Needles should be brand new, in the package, and completely sterile when you sit down in the chair. Your tattoo artist should be conscience and informative of the proper procedures to help eliminate chances for contamination to you or themselves during the process. A great tattoo studio will not take short cuts in this aspect of their business. Your artist should wear gloves, all materials should be in single use packages, and proper waste disposals should be central to the working area.

Beware of Packrats and Dust Bunnies and stay away from tattoo studios that have excessive clutter and are in need of some obvious cleaning. The appearance of a place can say a lot about the care taken in the execution of their work. Unfortunately, there are so many health hazards in society that make this an incredibly important part in the selection of a studio.

It's a good idea to get to know the artist before you get your tattoo because you will be spending a good amount of time in close proximity to your tattoo artist. Naturally you're going to want to feel comfortable around the person who is about to poke you with a needle repeatedly. Find a tattoo artist who is personable, conversational, and informative. The conversation could prove useful for distraction if pain becomes a nuisance. If you have questions about the artwork that will permanently adorn your body, you are going to want someone who can answer those with confidence. Make sure the artist will be readily available should you have questions during the healing process.

My advice to you is to be wary of tattoo artists who want to push you in the seat, take your cash, then shove you out the door. Everybody needs to make money for a living, but this isn't exactly a minor life choice for you and you'd like to think your artist understands and isn't just after the dough. If the artist you speak with is trying to rush you, chances are he or she is going to rush while inking. Rushing can lead to unnecessary pains, botched art, and overall dissatisfaction with something you get to look at for the rest of your life.

When you choose to get a tattoo there is most certainly symbolism behind your selection. Try to get references from people who have used different tattoo artists so you can see the artwork firsthand. This gives you a chance to see the style various artists use and a chance to make sure it will fit the vision you have for your chosen tattoo.

Finally, you'll probably want to avoid artists new to the industry unless you don't mind being the advertisement for who not to go to for a tattoo. Reputations can mean all the difference when planning for your tattoo and face it, experience counts.

Are you ready to get a tattoo? If your answer is yes, be careful you don't make the one big mistake many people make, and regret later! To find out more go to


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