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Symbolisms of Dragons

Andreas Niklasson

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Throughout the medieval age, dragons often symbolize treachery, apostasy, rage, desire and even immense disasters. It also represents independence, headship, wisdom and power. In the Himalayan region, they are believed to bring good luck and wealth.

With its huge wings, breath of fire, scales similar to fish and preference to exist in the shady cavern of the earth, they exemplifies the 4 elements of the earliest civilization. It merges these remarkable elements into a single and powerful force. Below are other well-known symbolisms that represent dragons and its legendary qualities:

In Christianity
The counterpart of the word dragon in Latin is draco, which means snake or serpent. This connotes that most Europeans associate dragons with snakes not lizards or dinosaurs. In the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve were tempted by a serpent consequently implying a snake-like suggestion to evil. In iconography, several Catholic saints are illustrated in the act of slaying a dragon. It is one of the general portions of Saint George in Egyptian Coptic iconography. In Italy, the first bishop of Forli who is Saint Mercurialis, is also portrayed killing a dragon. Other saints that were also idolized as dragon-slayers were Saint Veran, Saint Crescentinus and Saint Jualian of Le Mans.

In Eastern and Native America
Various pre-Columbian cultures and traditions were captivated by the supremacy of dragons. The Moche people represent them in their stoneware. They are connected with longevity and wisdom, frequently thought to be wiser than humans. Magical and supernatural powers were also believed to be one of their amazing characteristics. They are associated with rain, rivers and wells.

Chinese Zodiac Signs
People born under the Year of the Dragon (1916, 1928, 1940 . . . 2000, 2012 . . . ) are believed to be energetic, strong, impatient and stubborn according to the Chinese Zodiac. But they are also truthful, insightful, brave, and encourage confidence and faith. They are considered to be the most unconventional among eastern zodiacs. They are most compatible with groups under the signs of Rat, Monkey, Rooster, and Snake.

In East Asia
One of the 4 legendary creatures in Japanese and Chinese mythology is the dragon. It is is the Guardian of the East and is recognized with the spring season, the colors blue and green, the wood element, the Yang male force and the virtue of politeness. In several parts of Asia, dragons are symbols of good luck or wellbeing. Asian dragons are believed to be the legendary rulers of weather, particularly water and rain.

A yellow dragon that has 5 claws stands for the change of seasons, and the element of Earth, which is the fifth element among Chinese. Also, it signifies imperial power in China. In Vietnam, dragons are the most significant and holy character. Based on ancient myth, all Vietnamese are descended from dragons by means of L?c Long Quân, who married a fairy named Âu Co. Their eldest son established the first dynasty of of Hùng Vuong Emperors.

Andreas Niklasson is the associated editor of the website Dragon Drawings , a website dedicated to drawing dragons. It get updated with new drawings and new tutorials.

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