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So you want a tattoo graphic, huh? Well, anybody will give you a great tattoo, but the question is: What kind of tattoo graphic do you want?

Portraits – only a select few number of tattoo artists can do portraits. They are what they sound like: you bring in a photograph of a loved one and the artist will paint the tattoo graphic onto you, as close to the original portrait as possible. Usually comes in black and grey.

Bio mechanics – bio mechanics is a tattoo graphic that combines a living thing with a mechanized product. For example, a motorcycle with a snake head on it or a wrench with a monkey on it. These are typically done in black and grey as well.

Composition – these are the type of tattoo graphics that cannot be done in one sitting. Typically, this tattoo graphic is large and takes up huge portions of the skin. These can sometimes take years to completely finish and the client will only go back to the original artist to get it done. It’s a trust thing. These can be done in color or black and grey.

Dragons – dragons are exactly what the name implies: their dragons. They are often painted on in the mythical Chinese form. These are typically done in color, but black and grey can be done too.

Nature – nature tattoo graphics are typically done by animal enthusiasts who want a picture of their pets put onto their bodies forever. Color is the choice of the customer.

Kitsch Art – this type of tattoo graphic can represent many things. On one hand, it could be religious with crosses and stars of David, or it could be skulls, clowns, or a guitar. Whatever you kitsch is, they can tattoo it onto you.

Tribal – these tattoo graphics will often be a series of lines in an unordered assortment around the arm or on the leg, inspired by old New Zealand and Australian native tattoos. Though, they don’t have the same meaning as getting a tattoo in those countries, it’s still something that should be worn with pride.

Lettering – lettering is another one of those categories where the title sounds exactly like it is. If you want a letter, word or phrase tattooed onto you then this is what you need. Most artists can letter in more than one language: English, Hebrew, Japanese, Sanskrit, etc. As you can see, getting a tattoo graphic can be a hard decision to make. These are just a few categories that you can choose from when deciding to get a tattoo.

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