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Why is it that every time a woman seems to get drunk on television, she is in some foreign party town, and decides to get a tattoo on her hip, upper shoulder, upper inner thigh, fleshy bottom, or middle back. More so, why is it those nine ti9mes out of ten it is a flower – specifically a rose? As far as roses on bottoms go, the only one I have ever seen on a man happened to be in a James Bond movie (one of Pierce Brosnan’s – I cannot recall which one right off the bat!). The way Bond identified his C. I. A. counterpart, was by making the man show him a tattoo of a rose (with a woman’s name attached to in underneath) that he had tattooed on his hip.

The only other time I have really seen a rose on a man, was a skull tattoo that had rose blossoms growing out of the skulls’ eye sockets! There is an old idea that the reason a rose holds so much beauty, is that its thorns hold so much danger. What is more appealing than dangerous beauty? Just think of Guns ‘N’ Roses with the ballad, “Every Rose Has Its Thorns. ” The more recent rose tattoos tend to coincide with women on motorcycles. Harley Davidson eventually began to cater to the women of the motorcycle genre, by implementing the symbol of a rose.

Soon, the era of the Lady Harley’s began. Once the clothing line appeal wore down, the appeal of a rose tattoo once again began to climb. As with any tattoo, what better way to prove your love, than to have it permanently inked onto your skin! I, personally, have never really fallen in love with the rose. (I much prefer the more expensive orchids, if my husband reads this!)

They may not smell as sweet as one would expect, but rose have not gotten their beginnings as a decorative piece in a gardening collection. Its meager beginnings started as a medicinal remedy. Native American Indians used to pick the petals of the rose, soak them in rainwater, and lay them across their eyes as a refresher to sore eyes. The English used rose water for many different reasons. First, it was told that it cleared blotchy, pimpled complexion. They also used rose oil as a back-in-the-day antidepressant! Asian cultures use the berry-like Damask Rose as an infusion for tea. It is told to relieve sore throats, coughs, and excessive sweating.

Let us not forget that this particular flower is linked to one large subject – love. After the commercials from online flower companies, florists, and even supermarkets, are said and done, what are you left with? Wilted, slimy-watered, crusty, and nasty-smelling remnants of a rose. What better way to get one without all of the mess and hassle of fighting in line at a store? If you want one that will stay fresh and lovely forever, find that love at the tip of a tattoo needle!

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