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How did you become a photographer? “My first photography course was in college. I understood back then how satisfying it was for me to capture personalities of my subjects in photographs. The interaction with my subjects was also very enjoyable. I loved it all including darkroom processing. Through the years with my marketing degree, I worked on the commercial side of photography and one day decided it was time to dedicate my passions to the exclusive growth of Jade Le Photography. I haven’t looked back since. “

What do you enjoy the most about what you do? “I have learned so much about “people” and I’ve met so many great friends through my photography. I have enjoyed sharing the moments of discovery with each person. I believe everyone is magnificent is many ways and I bring that out in each person, in each photograph I take. I love that. I love hearing “Is that me?” as they look at their photograph with huge smiles. . . My reply is usually, “Yes, you are gorgeous aren’t you?” My motto is “Just be yourself and your essence will appear”. ”

What is the most important aspect of your work? “The most important aspect of my art is to help those I photograph understand how incredible they are as individuals. It’s important to me that my subjects are relaxed and have a great time with me. By the time we say goodbye, we have become friends and they are gleaming with big smiles and give me big hugs. ”

Why should one have professional photographs taken? “I believe that throughout our lives, we grow and evolve constantly. Children become more confident, couples become more loving, age brings out character, experience and beauty, graduates beam with anticipation, families grow and expand, pets express emotions . . . for all these reasons and more, a professional photographer is able to capture the essence of each person, each moment, each subject. Without an eye for these important details, the photograph is less than what it could be. Photographs last a lifetime and need to be true representations and the best they could possibly be. ”

What inspires you? “Love inspires me. Love for my work, for the ability I have to bring smiles to peoples’ faces, the interaction and friendships I am so honored to be a part of, capturing my subjects’ magnificence. These things inspire me the most. ”

Do you do charity work? “Absolutely. It is extremely important to me to give back to communities that have given me so much joy. I have donated my time and experience to non-profit organizations such as Whittier Lion’s Club, International Soroptomist of Whittier Club, SKILLS Foundation, Whittier Area Chamber of Commerce and CAPC in Whittier. Incredibly service oriented organizations that are so worthy of donations and services. They enhance the quality of life for so many needy and deserving individuals. It is all so very rewarding and gratifying. I have met the most incredible people through these organizations and I am extremely fortunate to be a small part of their efforts. ”

Where are you located, how can you be contacted and how can your portfolio be reviewed? “I am located in Hacienda Heights, CA and people are welcome to call me at 626-826-7704. I always encourage people to review my portfolio on my website at to see my work and to please call me for quotes so we can get to know each other before a photo shoot. It is imperative to be comfortable with your photographer before hiring one so that you are more relaxed during the session. “ I can also be contacted through my email address:”

Jade Le has been a photographer for 5 years and started Jade Le Photography in Novermber of 2006. She comes from the commercial end of photography and has tremendous experience in people and event photography. Ezine Articles home


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