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Is There a Free Download to Learn Spanish Conversational Basics?


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The Internet started out as a “free" place, with much value exchanged for little or no cost. Even today there is much free information. So people who want to learn a language often look for the free sites asking, “How can I learn, what can I get for free"

And there are freebies out there. Just Google ‘learn spanish free download’ and you get about 1.9 million hits! There are plenty in abundance of websites offering free downloads!

But when you look at them they can be quickly sorted out into two categories: 1. Free sample downloads of some bigger product that is for sale and 2. Some quick short learning experience or other product being given away because it can't be sold.

The number 2 group is a general example of the idea that a free giveaway, like free advice, is usually worth about what you pay for it!

The free samples in the number 1 group, on the other hand, are small samples of the best quality product that the vendor has to show off. They are good, useful, and they actually teach you something. You have a chance to learn on two levels. First the obvious level of what the lesson is about. And second, the underlying lesson of what kind and quality of product is the vendor offering.

Learning a language is an all-encompassing endeavor. It cannot be accomplished by a few simple lessons, although the process can be started that way.

If you are serious about learning Spanish, you need to get a complete course to teach you everything you need to know to be at a certain level. You need comprehensive coverage, not just random snippets of learning.

And you will need a comprehensive learning program on audio media. You can't learn pronunciation from a book, from the written word alone!

So the answer to the question of, “Is there a free download to learn Spanish conversation basics?", the answer is “Yes" and “No"

Can you download something useful in helping to learn to converse in Spanish? Yes, certainly. Especially the category of free samples of complete language-learning programs.

Can you learn about how different learning programs teach Spanish while you are actually learning some useful Spanish? Yes, you certainly can.

But can you get a free download that will teach you to converse in Spanish? That is highly unlikely. After all, if what they were offering was any good they would put a price on it and sell it! The fact that they can't/don't choose to tells you something. . .

Things that you pay for will have to be good quality to be sold. The vendor cannot long sell worthless merchandise, must give guarantees, refunds, etc. Free stuff, well. . . you are not supposed to look a free horse in the mouth, they say. You have no control over the quality!

And the way you speak, your command of the language, your accent, will all say so much about you. Every society judges people, their social status, their education level, their family and origins, by the way they handle the language of that society. Your Spanish will define YOU. You can't afford to have a second rate education!

When you can get the best interactive-audio learning course for under $100, it just doesn't make much sense to take chances with (unsaleable) free products!

To learn how to get the best Spanish-learning course available visit: Learn Spanish To read reviews of Rocket Spanish visit: Review
Jorge Chavez Learned Spanish after he was 30, now is bilingual, with clients, friends and family who only speak English, and others who only speak Spanish.


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