A Recipe for Spring

Joanne Hale

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What a lot of entertainment
From some old bread that has gone stale
Normally it would be just thrown away
Yet, now it has created this tale.

A rewarding fine sight will emerge just for you
And, all you need is some bread that is old
Eventually, (it’ll take just a minute or two)
You will see colours so clear and so bold.

A slice, or two, of old bread – that is all
Broken up into ‘bite-size’ pieces
Then just scatter them around your garden
Across lawns, by paths and near niches.

Return to the comfort of your home
Pull up a chair, and just wait
It won’t take long – just you see
Your patience will reward you – its’ fate!

A brave one will appear by your unwanted bread
Feasting quickly whilst abating its fear
Then the others of its kind soon arrive along side
For they all have the same idea!

With hungry mouths to feed at home
There really is no time to waste
Just gobble some bread down quickly
No time to savour the taste.

After stealing a second for their own meal
They gather as much as they can
In their mouths, they cram it all in
This banquet provided by Man.

It is Spring, and the weather is sunny
Refreshing – each morning, and clear
They race for some food for their families
Before others of their type draw near.

Males and females taking turns
From safe distances, one acts as the lookout
For the dangers that are always present
Whilst out ‘shopping’ for food, there’s no doubt.

Their children, back home, are all waiting
Reliant on your old, stale bread bits
The Sparrows, Blackbirds and Finches
Also Magpies, Jackdaws and Tits.

So, your pieces of stale bread are not wasted
When broken up and strewed all around
You’ll be visited by all different birds each time
When they spot you down there on the ground.

It is a true recipe for Spring
Pass it on, and let it be heard
When your unwanted food gets ‘recycled’
Filling the bellies of new baby birds.

Remember, all it takes is some bread
Good intentions and patience, ‘tis true
Your reward is the trust from the parents
When their babies they will bring to show you.

With fluffy feathers, and now as big as their parents
Though certainly nowhere near as wise
The young fledglings all baying to be fed at once
In your garden, right in front of your eyes.

A small token of kindness from you each day
With no baking involved on your part
This simple recipe for Spring has unfolded
Warm images to keep in your heart.

I have been writing poetry for many years and regularly have it published in print. My poetry is published by Forward Press and in many other publications. So I'm now putting my poetry online, my home page is http://www.johalepoetry.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk I also publish my poetry on my Blog jo-hale-poetry at http://jo-hale-poetry.blogspot.com and on 8hop.com My poetry on 8hop.com. I'm married and my husband's name is Peter.


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