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How To Please The Editor

From: Chris Henry, Editorial Image Coordinator, THE TERRITORY AHEAD
Text: All submissions should be digital files approximately 5x7 at 150dpi. (If your files are not at least this size, they will not be able to be considered. )
Translation: “Don’t send point ‘n’ shoot low-res images. ”

From: Teresa Lewis, Custom Publications Editor, LEISURE PUBLISHING COMPANY
Text: Submit by e-mail or upload them at www.leisurepublishing.com/uploads.
Translation: “But be sure to know how to find your pictures in your database and be able to upload to this URL. If you are not computer literate, it’s better to send us a lightbox or individual ipegs. ”

From: Sheri Arrendondo, Photo Researcher, FIRST LIGHT PHOTO RESEARCH
Text: If possible please provide caption information. Inquire only if you have this specific image requested.
Translation: “I need identification material: who, what, why, where, when-if appropriate. I want to see only the photo I have listed. ”

From: Susan Watkins, Photo Editor, HARCOURT SCHOOL PUBLISHERS
Text: If e-mailing please send in small batches.
Translation: “Don’t send a great pile of attachments. If you are sending several jpegs please send in small batches-say, 3 or 4 per e-mail. ”

From: Jodi Gehrls, Photo Researcher, FELDMAN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
Text: We like to see a low-res, then call for the hi-res if we like what we see. We rarely deal with analog - unless it’s an outstanding image, in which case we send the digital picture to our Imaging Department where they clean it up if it needs it.
Translation: “Don’t send hi-res initially. Don’t send transparencies. We prefer digital. If your scan has imperfections, our Image Department will clean them up. ”

From: Danya Bealy, Photo Editor, FORD FOUNDATION
Text: Eye contact with the camera, people essential.
Translation: “We need real-life photos. Nothing posed, no models, real people, please. ”

From: Nancy Choi, SCHOLASTIC
Text: Prefer natural setting, not a studio setting.
Translation: “Please, no models. We need real-life situations. ”

From: Sue McDermott, Picture Researcher, MAGELLAN VISUAL RESEARCH INC.
Text: This is NOT a contract for “work-for-hire” –any photos that you take in response to this request are “on speculation” –no promises are made or intended that any photos submitted will be published.
Translation: “Don’t consider this photo listing an assignment. ”

From: Lori Epstein, Illustrations Editor, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY
Text: If possible you should stuff a folder of small jpegs for my review.
Translation: “Send me a lightbox. ”

From: K. C. (Kathryn) Compton, Editor in Chief, THE HERB COMPANION: HERBS FOR LIFE
Text: Very high resolution, clear, uncluttered images are a requirement.
Translation: “Make your images poster-like. No cluttered backgrounds. ”

From: Seth Firestone, Editorial, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ADVENTURE
Text: We are able to view digital or online submissions, but prefer original 35 mm slides and prints.
Translation: “We will view thumbnails but eventually will need the original. ”

From: Sarah Ritz, Academic Division Photo Manager/Photographer, HUMAN KINETICS
Text: If selected we will need the original, slide, print or transparency for production. Scans smaller than 350x500 ppi will not be considered for review.
Translation: “Even though you have scanned the image, we nevertheless need the original slide or negative. ”

From: Krista Rossow, Assistant Photo Editor, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER
Text: Please do not send images from the 80’s or 90’s. The more recent, the better.
Translation: “We need up-to-date, preferably current, images. ”

From: Trudi Bellin, Photo Coordinator, REIMAN PUBLICATIONS
Text: Location and caption increase chances of publication.
Translation: “We need plenty of identifying captions. ”

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