Anger Management - Is It Necessary


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Anger management is a very tough job these days. It is true that anger is very inherent to basic human nature. When a person tries to control his or her anger, then they are undergoing through a lot of pain. Actually they feel stifled by this kind of a reaction.

Anger management is itself a very unnatural and a contrived process. People who try to control their anger will actually corroborate this fact. Especially, when anger management is imposed on somebody rather than the person trying to achieve it out of his own free will, then anger management is simply unattainable.

To understand what goes behind anger management, it is very necessary to understand this fact that we all get angry in some situations.

I remember one of my friends who had a severe anger problem. She used to get angry at even the most trivial matters. Once upon time, she got into major trouble when she retaliated in a situation. She retorted when she was attacked by an eve teaser. He took it so seriously that he made a habit to irate her.

My friend is a very irascible person who hates being pushed around. That prankster made her lose her job.

But at the end of the day, what she got was her self-esteem. It was no fault of hers that she lost her job. But in a very serious manner she just could not get over that incident.

Short-tempered people are very often termed as anti-social and “aggressive". But it should be understood, that in most of the cases, society needs to be blamed for producing such “anti-socials". .


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Anger Management Techniques - 5 Tips to Reduce Anger
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