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Some technical info about online casinos desk

Most good online casinos will shuffle the deck(s) after every hand, in other words you start with a brand new deck every single hand.
So in the case of a single deck game you could be dealt the same card twice in a row.
In any cases, the deck is not really shuffled, but rather the game will generate a random number between 1 and 52 and each number represents a card, (typically 1 to 13 are clubs, 14 to 26 are Diamonds, 15 to 39 are hearts and 40 to 52 represent the spade).
The game then checks if that number has already been dealt for that hand, if it has then it simply generates a new number, (in blackjack it is not possible to deal all the cards).

The process starts all over in the next round.

Putting it all together.

The first step is to choose very carefully the table you wish to join, it has to be a single deck, multi-hand blackjack, (if you have a look at the rules of the casino it should be fairly obvious what games offers it).
I do not know of any good Online Site that does not offer a Single Deck, Multi-hand game of blackjack.
Assuming that the table has 5 boxes:
Place the minimum bet on the first 4 boxes and a larger bet on the last box, the cards will be dealt in order from box 1 to the dealer, and 12 cards will on the table.
If you play the first 4 hands strategically you could have as much as half the deck of card on the table before arriving to the last box.
And because so many cards are laid on the table it becomes a lot easer to make a call on the last hand.

A Small Note

Although this technique is not really card counting, but rather carefully paying attention to the deck some might think that it is a form of card counting.
It is not, but, even if it was card counting, there are no provisions in the rules of blackjack, United States law, (or other countries that allow gambling), that prohibit card counting.
Online casinos still offer blackjack as a game knowing that a skilled player will have an advantage over the house. They avoid losing money by shuffling the deck has mentioned earlier.
Online casinos are allowed to do this because nothing in the Game of blackjack dictates when or how the deck should be shuffled.
And an online casino is private property, and the owner can choose who is allowed to play what.
On the other hand some casinos advertise the fact that they offer online, they change the rules slightly to keep their edge.

Simon Goodman has been a software developer in the Online Gambling industry for many year and is the author of "Online Gambling Secrets" .
His insider knowledge is priceless to any online player as he know where and what the casinos don't want you to know.


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