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The Elder Generation Is Handing Over A Dangerous World To The Youth


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I belong to the youth of the present and I am totally confused. Everywhere around me I see Corruption, Poverty, Terrorism, Racism, Communism etc. Even the air I breathe is polluted. I can no longer find an environment, which is morally and physically secure enough to sustain HUMANITY for long. My world seems to have been reduced to taking precautions for every action of mine due to the bomb blasts that have become routine now. Even epidemics haven't spared us. After all we are paying for our own sins or maybe in this case, for the sins of our ancestors. This is not the wit I want to live sadly; this is the world that has been handed over to us, the youth, by our elders.

Our elders grew with the examples of Gandhi, Nehru, and Shastri front of them. But these men of fibers who were probably the greatest leaders India has ever seen, have now been reduced to merely dates. Whatever happened to their principles and philosophies, which aimed at nothing else but to make this world a better place? Their visions and ideas were meant to be adopted and carried on. But sadly they are forgotten and buried.

And why do we the youth, have to look up to? Corrupt leaders for whom money and power seems to be the only concern? Or is it the leaders who use the sensitive issue of religion to gain votes and cause communal tensions, which result in bloodshed all around?

The very word ‘politics’ has become synonymous with corruption. None of the educated people want to join politics today as they consider it a dirty game. Money has become the most powerful thing now. In front of it truth, honesty, friendship, loyalty. . . everything fails. Money can get you admission in colleges, jobs without proper qualifications, false certificates and probably everything. Corruption is present right from the top to the bottom or rather the vice-versa. It is very easy for us to sit back and say that corruption is bad and should stop, but we readily accept it when it benefits us. ‘You try to change the system but the system changes you. ’ This has become a common excuse now. This is the state of affairs today.

The world today is moving towards unabashed militarism. A mad race of armaments is going on in this world. Despite being fully aware of their harmful effects, nuclear weapons are still being developed in many countries. I am sure that science can be used for more peaceful purposes.

Terrorism has increased to such an extent that no one and nothing is safe anymore. Where disputes should be solved by dialogue, force and aggression is used. The losses suffered are irreparable and there is no winner in the end.

The environment is getting worse day by day. Water is getting scarce, resources are getting depleted, the air is polluted, the sea level is rising. . . there is no end to these planet-threatening problems that we are facing today. The situation is slowly becoming UNCONTROLLABLE.

Terrorism, nuclear weapons, environmental degradation, corruption. . . were never such major issues a few decades ago. Why are we facing such things now? This question can only be answered only by our elders. Look at the youth today. They have become so self-oriented and materialistic. Every thing is done for personal gains. Sometimes you wonder whether moral and ethical values exist at all. How many have the moral courage to stand up for something, which is right even if it means going against everyone else? To do such things, one needs to make sacrifices and sadly no one is prepared to do this today.

There are a few ‘privileged’ ones who go to the best institutes in India. The future lies in their hands. But mist of them go and settle in foreign countries. A poverty-stricken, corrupt India is “not suitable" for them. All their lives they contribute to these evils and when they were old enough to do something about it, they simply chose to abandon it. All that education wasted. . .

A child does not know the difference between good or bad, right or wrong when he is born. It is the environment in which he grows that teaches him all this. Parents and teachers play an important role in creating this environment. So, whatever the youth is today, can be attributed to our elders.

The present looks bad but things can surely get better. We, the youth, hold the future in our heads. Now that we know where the problem lies, it is time we did something about it. Otherwise, some years later someone would be writing about the “DANGEROUS WORLD" that “WE" would have handed over to him or her.

TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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