Why Are Masai Warriors Such A Huge Attraction To Female Tourists From Europe?


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The initiation process of young Masai warriors into manhood is not for the faint hearted.

Apart from circumcision, which is done differently with the pleasures of the woman very much in mind (more on that later), a young Masai must participate in the killing of a full grown lion before he can qualify to be called a warrior of the Masai tribe.

Here is how Masai warriors hunt lions. A group of about six warriors or more will usually corner a full-grown lion and surround it. The Masai do not kill lions for sport. They will usually identify lions that have attacked their herds of cattle, which to them are the most precious thing in the world. More precious than human life at times.

Once the group of young Masai warriors have surrounded the rogue lion, they will then begin to hurl spears at it. Inevitably the lion will strike out with its’ paws during the encounter and badly injure or even kill one or two of the warriors in the party before it finally succumbs to the numerous spears embedded in it's body. The victorious Masai warrior survivors in the ordeal will then carry the carcass back to the village as they break into song and dance.

The roar of a lion from a distance alone, has been known to make a full grown man pass urine on themselves. Yet the very same roar seems to greatly excite the Masai warrior when he is out hunting. This is the reason why lions try their best to get away as far as possible whenever they catch the scent of a Masai. But of course sometimes hunger and the promise of an easy meal of a cow or goat from the Masai herds, over rules a lions’ better judgement.

In a world that is increasingly crowded by men who pretend to be men, but are really wimps, the attraction of the Masai warriors to women tourists is perhaps not so surprising.

Read the fascinating Masai African tribe secrets article that explains in great detail why women the world over find Masai warriors irresistible. Or discover how you too can fulfill the dream of an African lion safari deep in Masai country.


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