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Directed thought has immense capabilities. In fact it is from thought that all that ever was, is and will be, comes from. What an exciting revelation! So does this mean that all we have to do is direct our thoughts towards something and then it manifests? The answer to this is yes and no. Yes, with our thoughts we create our reality and no, even though we can use thought to create our reality, there are guiding principles which we must follow; otherwise our success cannot bring us the peace we seek.

We operate in a universe which is governed by certain laws. It therefore commands that our thoughts ought to correspond to these universal laws. The principle of universalism must be at the core of our thinking. We must move away from individualistic thinking and look at the wider picture.

Together we make the universe whole, thus our thoughts must be ones which are in harmony with everyone and everything else. Each one of us forms part of one complete whole. We are who we are because of everyone around us. We are interconnected. The guiding principle is ‘do unto others as you would like them to do unto you’.

Selfish demands are egoistic in nature and are not in harmony with the universe. We all have ego desires at one level or another and we can probably never get rid of the ego entirely. However, in order to be in harmony with the universal force, our desires must be less egoistic and more spirit centred. Spirit centred desires are selfless in nature.

Instead of living our lives trying to impose our own egoistic ideals, we must surrender to a Higher Power and be led. This is the effortless approach. When you are in rapport with the Great Spirit, you are led to the right places at the right time. There won’t be any need on your part to pursue selfish ends, instead you will become an instrument of the Divine, and begin to experience the miraculous. Such effortlessness is inherent in nature, the sun does not struggle to rise, it simply just rises. Flowers do not try to bloom they just bloom. The birds of the air, as Jesus preached, are well fed yet they do not sow or reap. Such effortlessness can become a real part of our lives when we surrender to our spiritual nature.

While our thoughts indeed have the power to create, let’s understand that we are not THE CREATOR but CO-CREATORS. Be aware that selfish desires are self-destructive and the only way we may ever attain true happiness and peace is when we make ‘do unto others as you would like them to do unto you’ the guiding principle of our lives.

Sharon Eiffel writes on positive thinking, motivation, self-improvement and spiritual growth.

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