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The Universe as a Non-Spatial Computer - A Computational Description Of Idealism

Kedar Joshi

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The purpose of this work is to bring out “a computational description of idealism" through the NSTP (Non – Spatial Thinking Process) theory. The NSTP theory is a (philosophy of mind) semi-idealistic as well as semi-dualistic theory that the material universe, where some peculiar phenomena like quantum non-locality exist in, is exclusively a group of superhuman as well as non-superhuman thinking processes existing in the form of (non-spatial physical/material) feelings (i. e. states of consciousness). In computer terminology, it regards the (material) universe as a non-spatial computer, with hardware of (non-spatial) feelings and software of superhuman as well as non-superhuman thoughts/ideas, including those of space, which is then an illusive/virtual/merely apparent entity. The mere existence of the superhuman thoughts is responsible for the empirical (i. e. a posteriori) order in the non-superhuman ones. The theory, however, accepts the possibility of the reality of space, the space where the phenomena like quantum non-locality do not exist in. The theory is constituted of 6 axioms, 1 theorem, and 3 conjectures. The key strength and novelty in the theory lies in its axiomatic/self-evident foundation, its innovative semi-idealism and semi-dualism, its idea of superhuman states of consciousness, its computational description of idealism, and, in general, its road to idealism and dualism.

Axiom 1: Feeling is non-spatial.
Axiom 2: Feeling is real and physical/material.
Axiom 3: Any experience, even an abstract thought I know I am having, is, in fact, a feeling.
Axiom 4: The self/I is ‘feeling’.
Axiom 5: The self/I is a stream of feelings.
Axiom 6: Every feeling represents some idea/concept/thought.

Theorem 1: The self/I is an NSTP (Non – Spatial Thinking Process).

Conjecture 1: Space, where the peculiar phenomena like quantum non-locality exist in, is mere (non-spatial) feeling.
Conjecture 2: Superhuman thoughts, representing the empirical laws (i. e.being responsible for the empirical order, e. g. gravity, quantum non-locality, etc. , in the non-superhuman NSTP/s), exist in the form of (non-spatial) feelings.
Conjecture 3: There is a possibility of the reality of space, the space where the phenomena like quantum non-locality do not exist in.

Kedar Joshi- Superultramodern (SUM) Science and Philosophy


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