10 Tips And More For Making Your Own Classic Movie Poster


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This sounds great for getting some of your own ‘original’ classic movie posters on your walls. You may not feel you are artistic enough and you don't want your classic film poster to look like you have had it from your kindergarten days. So here are a few tips to help you make your poster

Start with a theme. Your theme can be:

1. Color scheme, to go with decor in your room
2. Use only black and white and just a touch of a bold color
3. Feature a classic film star
4. Use an era, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s
5. Try using star couples like, Bogart and Bacall, Fred and Ginger, Martin and Lewis
6. Disney
7. Sequels
8. Superman
9 Spiderman
10 Musicals

Make Your Own Classic Movie Poster For Your Media/TV Room

Redecorating can lead to wonderful and inspiring features in your home or apartment. Take the latest in home decorating, a media room and what better way to decorate your media room than with classic movie posters. Not just any classic movie posters but your very own, the movies you consider to be your classics and make your own movie posters. It is easier than you think and unless you are collecting the original posters from the classic films, then it is really up to your imagination. Let your creativity lose, even if you don't have a media room, then your family room or where you watch TV can be decorated this way. Add a little movie nostalgia.

Making a Classic Movie Poster, Get Creative.

Browse your local charity shops for record album covers, there are always vinyl records there and you never know what you will find, you could even use the record in the frame also. Once again, it's your imagination, set the poster out, leave it a few days to see if it appeals and if it looks right then make it permanent. This type of poster need not be the big size poster, often times a set of smaller posters with the same classic actor can look great. Using the record album covers can be an inexpensive way to go about making your own classic poster from your favorite classic films.

You can also use the collage technique to make your film poster. You only need to get a poster board or an artist canvas. Paint your canvas for the background and then apply your clippings in a pattern or all over, it is your choice. You can find clippings in magazines or newspapers or look for covers from VHS tapes, CDs or DVDs, your local video hire store may be able to help you out with this. You never know what treasures you will find your local video store, they could even help you out with posters, even a little damaged at the edge wouldn't matter if you are going to re-model them with your collage.

As you are decorating your walls with your own posters, then make sure you theme them, maybe a large and three smaller ones or the three long narrow ones that will make up the one normal poster if put exactly side by side, but with a slight separation they will take on an abstract look.

As you are making your own classic film poster, then it should reflect what you feel is a classic film. So it need not be just the ones perceived today as classic, remember when these classic films were made they were just movies.

This could be a really fun project and you may even find a fantastic creative side to yourself you didn't know was there. So get to it, browse the thrift stores, your local video hire store and don't forget the game stores, there are treasures in these stores for making your own classic movie posters

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