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Mackie is known to produce some of the best musical equipment throughout the world. The musicians throughout the world who prefer quality only want to have their hands on Mackie Onyx 400F. Mackie Onyx 400F is a complete recording solution, which has the recording preamp with 192 kHz FireWire input output. The Mackie Onyx is known to record with the best sound quality and it comes with the Traktion 2 software that helps the individuals to record the songs on their computer.

The Mackie Onyx 400F comes with a 10-channel audio interface with mic preamp and FireWire. The Mackie Onyx 400F features four boutique quality Onyx mic preamps. These preamps are greatly admired and they offer a superior headroom and high level of clarity. The Mackie Onyx has the TRS inserts to attach the gear into the signal path before its gets transferred to the computer. It also has the 10 x 10 DSP Matrix Mixer and a 64-bit floating point processing.

The Mackie Onyx 400F is just the best recording device so as to track anywhere from the overdub projects to full band with its four mic preamps, four line inputs and stereo S/PDIF digital inputs. It is really easy to work the Mackie Onyx 400F as you need to plug it in with your mic and your instruments to the panels present on the rear and the front and also to plug the FireWire cable from your Mackie Onyx to your computer.

There are about eight individual outputs that can be utilized for surround mixing or to relay the headphone mix to the headphone amp. The Mackie Onyx 400F has a dual headphone output for the overdubs given separately to the engineer and the musician with an independent volume control. There is an internal 10 x 10 matrix mixer that gives a zero latency routine of any input to output. The Mackie Onyx 400F has the master grading 24-bit / 192 kHz AKM 5385 and 4358 audio converters.

The Mackie Onyx 400F has dual high impedance instrument inputs, which allows you to connect it to the acoustic, electric or bass guitars directly to it and this just allows one to save money to buy an external direct box. The Mackie Onyx 400F has the stereo control room outputs and dual stereo headphone outputs on the front panel with individual volume controls. The Mackie Onyx 400F can sync in with any audio software application, but it also has its own Traktion 2 Music Production Software.

The Mackie Traktion 2 Music Production Software just has a single screen interface and it just allows the individual to work really easily with it. The software offers a 64-bit mix engine, an unlimited track count, a QuickTime support as well as a lot of other features. The Mackie Onyx 400F comes with a plug-in bundle with the complete suite of Mackie Mixing and Mastering tools. Mackie Onyx 400F is the best recording solution ever produced.

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