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Ibanez is the world leader in producing high tech musical equipment and still holds that place. There are a lot of professional music artists who use Ibanez musical equipment and call it the best among the ones that they have used in their career. Ibanez is known worldwide for its professional line of guitars and among them is Ibanez JEM. Ibanez JEM is an electric guitar, which was first produced in the year 1987. This guitar has gained high level of acceptance from guitarists.

The most interesting aspect about Ibanez JEM is that it was designed by Ibanez as well as a guitar legend, Steve Vai. The Ibanez company asked Steve Vai to tell them of the different features that he likes in the guitar so that they can combine all those features in one guitar and Steve just told them the different features including the Stratocaster, Ibanez RG as well as the other guitars that were used by him. It would not be wrong to say that Ibanez JEM is the concept of Steve Vai, which was given its physical form by Ibanez.

The Ibanez Corporation developed the Ibanez JEM and Steve Vai just loved it and then this model became his signature. With the passage of time, Ibanez has produced the sub-models of the Ibanez JEM. There are about four sub-models of the Ibanez JEM, which were produced on the anniversary of Ibanez JEM, which included JEM90HAM, JEM2KDNA, JEM20TH and JEM10. All these models were greatly appreciated by the music artists.

The model Ibanez JEM10 was produced in the year 1977 and this model has the letter of authenticity, which is hand signed by Steve Vai. It has an aluminum pickguard and has an engraved vine with the JEM10 serial number. The JEM10 models that were designated for US had a silver tweed JEM case, which had a silk screened protective covering, as well as an outside plaque. Then later onwards the Ibanez JEM10 models that were made for US had the JEM10 plaque screwed on the case. An interesting fact about Ibanez JEM10 is that there are only about 825 units of this model throughout the world.

The Ibanez JEM90HAM, which was made for the 90th anniversary of Hoshino was not much different than Ibanez JEM10, as it had the same type of wood, pickups, hardware and the tremolos. There are only 831 units available throughout the world out of which 72 are in US. The other model was the JEM2KDNA and the most interesting thing about this model was that Steve put his blood to the mixture of the paint and that is why the model has the word DNA at the end.

Another anniversary sub-model of Ibanez JEM was JEM20TH. The most interesting fact about this model is that it is completely made of clear plastic with multicolored streaks. This model also has a green LED that lights up inside the body. The other models of JEM include the JEM7, JEM77, JEM777, JEM555 and the Universe 7 string guitar. As a last word to add, Ibanez is the best.

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