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You Need To Pay For Satellite Radio But It Is Worth It


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You have probably been hearing about satellite radio for a while and of course, lately there has been plenty of news about Howard Stern, he is bringing in many listeners to Sirius and the fan base is growing quickly.

One of the big differences between regular radio and satellite radio is that with satellite you get hundreds of channels that are of digital quality, plus on the screen you know who is performing because it gives you that information. There are very few channels on satellite radio that have commercials. With over 100 channels to choose from there is always something good to listen to. No commercials just the music you want to listen to , you don't have to listen to salesmen, fuel companies, food advertisements, you will have no static, you will be able to listen to your music or talk show with no interruptions 24 hours a day. There are so many channels; a few of them are comedy, local weather and traffic, women's issues, sports, old time talk shows from the 20s to the 40s.

Through digital magic, you will not get static or any other types of disturbances you would normally get from an analog radio. The possibilities do not end there though, as it may even be possible for digital stations to broadcast pictures and videos directly to your car or home stereo through the magic of digital broadcasting. When receiving a signal from satellite the signal is completely digital and everyone knows a digital signal sounds cleaner and there is no static, you either get the signal or there is not signal. The signal is encoded and sent to the satellite and then it is sent back down to a receiver which it will be decoded and then the receiver plays the sound. If you find you loose the signal it is because when you travel you move along the earth and since the earth is round you will sometimes loose the signal because the satellites are traditional on the horizons.

Now, people you don't need to switch stations when driving because you cannot get a clear station in, you can listen to the same station or hundreds of other stations ranging from news, music and news in better quality than AM or FM bands. To receive the digital audio streams you will need a antenna to receive the signal.

Its small, portable and it fits in your purse or pocket, don't be fooled because they are small, they give the best sounding quality a radio can offer. The auto manufacturers are installing satellite radios to enhance the new automobiles, and many stores are now carrying the portable models to be used in the homes.

Satellite radio is subscription based, meaning that you pay a monthly fee for the service. The purchase of a satellite radio and a small monthly fee will open a whole world of ad-free radio listening to you. You will need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to enjoy satellite radio. Many of the automobile dealerships and manufacturers offering many different types of incentives, so are giving 3 months free or even up to 6 months of free service to get you hooked, they are also throwing in no activation fee.

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How Satellite Radio Works
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