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American Idol is a sensation across not only America but even in many countries across seas as well. There’s just something people love about the idea of some unknown person coming out of nowhere and becoming world famous overnight. Actually American Idol was not the original; over in the U. K. a reality program called Pop Idol was what spawned the American Idol series. Of course this is a show run by a corporation after all, and as such the show was created to find new singing talent and advertise them through the shows viewers. Then the shows producers would gain exclusive rights to manage the idols and for merchandising. Even if the idol wanted to quit or go with someone else. Still, this show does keep up to its word and gives anyone with the guts to tryout a genuine chance at fame and fortune.

There are loads of great ideas you can use for this party theme. The most obvious is of course to have a marathon viewing session of the shows six seasons. You may just want to shorten it by showing the best episodes, or perhaps just the winning episodes or the patty could last for days. Another great choice would be karaoke. You could organize your own version of American Idol with your party goers playing the contestants and rating each other. Decorations can be a little vague for this theme, but if you want you could try to set up a mini stage, or at least a wall scroll of one. Stars, Streamers, confetti, and any other all purpose decorations would be a great idea.

You should make sure to purchase plenty of disposable paper plates, bowls, cups, and utensils. As well, as tablecloths and table covers, to make after party clean up loads easier. If you look around you can find American Idol themed party supplies.

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