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To say that NBC has kept their upcoming fall SCI-FI show “Surface" mostly under wraps would be an understatement. Theirs barely any information available pertaining to the shows overall plot and the mysterious ads that pop up on television have been short and sweet. In case you're not familiar with these ads, they feature shots underwater, and a weird looking sea lifeform being dropped into a fishtank. Upon which a young kids mom asks him “Where are all the fish?" before the tank can be heard exploding in the background sending the mom and her son running into the living room with shocked looks on their faces. The ad stops there not wanting to reveal what they may have seen. A great teaser for a SCI-FI/Mystery show indeed. But will showing too little discourage people from tuning in?

“Surface" stars Lake Bell, Jay Ferguson, and Rich Connelly. Although not much has been revealed about the show there are a few things that I know about it. One it deals with an undiscovered species of sea life which finally becomes discovered, and the two big questions (atleast through season 1) will be how did they get here, and are they friend or foe? It's been rumored that the shows producers have stated that unlike most series along the lines of this one where the big questions are answered in seasons 2 or 3 with some being axed before their big reveals, "Surface" will reveal the mystery surrounding their monsters at the end of season 1.

The character breakdown is pretty predictable. A hard working mom, a small runt kid whos not too popular at school (where have we heard that one before), and the other character, one of the more interesting characters on the show in fact, is a guy whos on a mission to find out what killed his brother. Was it our new sea friends? Hmmmm. . . questions questions. Also tossed in for good measure and our episodely dose of science, is Dr. Aleksander Cirko, played by Rade Serbedzija. (Someone has to tell us and the shows characters what exactly the heck these things are). So do I see “Surface" succeeding?Believe it or not it's a toss up. The show has surrounded itself with enough mystery and intrigue to shake a really big stick at, but with the cast list only being 5 characters long, this show can bore really fast without enough people involved. Especially if the performances are bad. We won't have long to wait to unravel the mystery. "Surface" premiers on Monday, September 19th.

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