'FINGERPRINTS' Brings The San Antonio Ghost Children Back To Life

Bill Knell

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‘FINGERPRINTS’ is a new film built around the story of the San Antonio Ghost Children. Written by Brian Cleveland, Jason Cleveland and directed by Harry Basil, the story will revolve around the original tale of Texas Schoolchildren killed when their bus either stalled or stopped on railroad tracks in the late 1940s. After the tragic event, ghosts of a few of the children were allegedly seen in and around the area. However, it’s what the unseen ghost children do and have done since that time that has created a supernatural tourist attraction.

Each year thousands of people head out from San Antonio, Texas, to a rural railroad crossing located at the corners of Shane and Villamain Roads, just off of SE Loop 410. Many come just before Halloween, others on weekends or whenever they happen to be visiting San Antonio, Texas. On some occasions a number of cars can be seen lined up near the tracks. While some people wait patiently in their cars, others carefully sprinkle baby powder on the backs of their vehicles.

Although it’s happened thousands of times over the years, people are still in awe over the phenomenon that occurs when drivers turn off their engines, place their cars in neutral and allow unseen forces to take over. Without anyone touching them and against gravity, the vehicles move forward in a slow roll up the grade and over the tracks. As they come to a stop on the other side, anxious drivers and passengers get out checking their vehicles. With few exceptions, impressions in the baby powder that look like tiny fingerprints can be seen.

While the real story tugs at your heart, the new film by Harry Basil will probably be more like a hard slap in your face. According to Fangoria.com:

“Busy director Harry Basil, who already has the cult chiller SOUL’S MIDNIGHT and the zombie opus URBAN DECAY in postproduction, gave Fango some early pics and details on FINGERPRINTS, his supernatural opus currently undergoing additional photography to “bloody it up, ” according to Basil. “I brought in Vincent Gaustini [who provided DECAY’s FX] to amp up the gore factor in eight scenes. Several studios have expressed interest in the film, but I felt it needed more blood!”

Fangoria.com contacted me about the Basil project. They have an interesting article and some high quality photos from the film, so stop by http://www.fangoria.com/news_article.php?id=2652 and take a look.

The film obviously will not be like Ghost unless you can visualize a remake where Sam comes back out of the light as a zombie, gets angry at Molly and puts her through a wood chipper. But then, most people mistakenly look at the ghost children mystery as an urban legend, rather than a real ghost story. Maybe they should take a trip to Shane and Villamain Roads, just off of SE Loop 410 outside of San Antonio, Texas, turn off their vehicle engine and put it in neutral.

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