Lies - Accusation - and Manipulation

Paul Davis

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Lies, accusation, and manipulation
It's amazing to what extent people go
To maneuver to get their own way
No matter if they lie and accuse falsely
Push, bulldoze over, and act impolitely
As long as there remains some probability
That you'll give them what they lust for insatiably
That you will succumb to their subtle tactics
They shall continue consistently wholeheartedly
Hoping for a chance to unsettle and sway thee
Their trick is to make you feel heartless and guilty
Feel sorry for them and attend their pity party
All of this is part of their art of persuasion
Never mind that it causes deep abrasions
To one's precious soul, heart, and mind
The liar, accuser, and manipulator has time
To size you up, because you've got what they want
Once they get what they want, they'll later apologize
As for now however they've got to work you
Demean, downgrade, belittle, and despise
Set the stage for you to feel bad and realize
Their way is ultimately right. You must yield
Otherwise they will demonize you further
Dismantle, pollute, and litter your field
Throw darts at you and what you do
Accentuate your flaws and frailties too
Escalate the battle and controversy
Tension and conflict is their weaponry
Which they skillfully stage and utilize
To drain your energy and mischaracterize
You before others, which they will leverage
To create the illusion they have an entourage
As if everybody were going to gang up on you
Laugh, ridicule, walk out on, and stone you
This they will erect and pray you detect
Afterward they build and construct a case
Apply pressure for you to defect and disgrace
Turn from your initial and rightful decision
Alter and ultimately deny your conviction
To save friends, you embrace their opinion
Now you're unstable, afraid unnecessarily
This is the manipulator's goal precisely
To get you where they want you to be
Do things to which normally you'd not agree
Cater to their whims and wishes fully
Since you are unwilling to stand decisively
A fragile identity and fear of the unknown
This is your demise, the accuser has shown
His accusations stringent and home grown
Accusation, mutiny, and unmanly manipulation
The key's to your enemy's successful accumulation
Of critics, connivers, betrayers, and itching ears
Yet most know your foe has been lying for years
Usually having no basis in truth and uncouth
The liar and accuser's lips are very loose
Ready in a moment to fire forth a criticism
Playing you against yourself in hopes of a win
Arise to the occasion and fight like a warrior
Carefully choose and select your words however
Knowing your enemy shall use them against you
Beat him at his own game, here is what to do
Confront him without hesitance individually
Be charming, caring, and diplomatic publicly
Do your homework, prepare, and use wisdom
Boldly deny your adversary. Be strong within.

Paul Davis is a FL real estate professional, life coach (relational & professional), worldwide minister, and change master.

Paul is the author of several books including Breakthrough for a Broken Heart; Adultery: 101 Reasons Not to Cheat; Are You Ready for True Love; Stop Lusting & Start Living; Waves of God; Supernatural Fire; Poems that Propel the Planet; and God vs. Religion.

Paul's compassion for people & passion to travel has taken him to over 50 countries of the world where he has had a tremendous impact. Paul has served in many war-torn, impoverished and tsunami stricken regions of the earth. His Dream-Maker Inc. is building dreams, breaking limitations & reviving nations.

Paul's Breakthrough Seminars inspire, revive, awaken, impregnate with purpose, impart the fire of desire, catapult people into a new level of self-awareness, facilitate destiny discovery and dream fulfillment.

Contact Paul to minister, speak at your event or for life coaching: , 407-284-1705.

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