A Fish Called Wanda Movie Review - Starring John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis

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"A Fish Called Wanda" is a hilarious comedy about a gang of jewel thieves. The movie stars John Cleese and Kevin Palin of Monty Python's Flying Circus as well as Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline. All the acting is great as well as the storyline.

Two American and two British jewel thieves team up to steal 20 million dollars worth of diamonds. They succeed, but George, one of the thieves, nearly runs over an old woman's three dogs after fleeing the scene. The team hide the jewels in a safe at a secret location and Ken, a stuttering animal lover, keeps the key.

The next day, Otto and Wanda (Curtis), the two Americans, betray George to the police. They then go to the safe, where they plan to retrieve the diamonds, but to their dismay they discover that George had moved them. They then decide that Wanda should seduce George's barrister in order to learn from him where George had hidden the diamonds.

Meanwhile, the old woman who'd nearly had her dogs run over identifies George to the police as the man who was involved. George asks Ken to kill the old lady, since she's a key witness. Ken tries three times to kill her, but each time he accidentally kills one of her dogs instead. Heartbroken by each loss, he attends each dog's funeral. However, after the last dog is killed, the old woman faints and soon dies herself.

Wanda gets closer and closer to the barrister, Archie Leach (Cleese), in order to try to get the necessary information from him. Otto gets more and more jealous, showing up in some very embarrassing situations.

Once Otto learns that Ken knows the location of the diamonds, he tortures him to try to find out where they are. He ties him up, gags him, and eats his fish one by one.

Archie eventually learns what Wanda and the gang are up to. However, Archie agrees not to turn Wanda in once she tells him that she has the key to the safe where the diamonds are being kept. Archie manages to rescue Ken and find out from him where the safe is, at Heathrow Airport.

Archie tries to go after Otto, but Otto manages to obtain his gun. He then makes Archie step outside into a barrel of oil and humiliate him before killing him, but then Ken shows up riding a steamroller and threatens to kill Otto to get even with him for eating his fish. Otto gets stuck in some cement, so he cannot run away. Ken ends up running over Otto and burying him in the cement. Meanwhile, Wanda and Archie get away with the diamonds and fly off together.

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